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Baskin-Robbins Franchise opportunities

Baskin Robbins is an American ice cream network that has numerous stores in the majority of countries. It was set up in 1945 by Burt Buskin and Irv Robbins. The company focuses on the production of ice cream and other delicious frozen treats. From then on the company has gained enormous popularity. Nowadays, there are over 7,700 stores worldwide, and the brand doesn't plan to stop its expansion.

Baskin Robbins is a creative brand that values quality and variety. One of its secrets of success lies in strict quality control and openness to fresh ideas and innovation. It offers numerous ice cream flavors, frozen cakes, banana splits, sundaes, and milkshakes to its customers. The company’s slogan “31 flavors” stands for different ice cream flavors for each day of the month. It uses only fresh ingredients for making foods and beverages and provides a range of products for people with various eating preferences.

Opening a Baskin Robbins franchise is a rewarding business venture that has many upsides. The brand operates in a thriving industry. It is one of the most popular ice cream producers that provides promising franchise possibilities.

Advantages of the franchise

  • Well-recognized brand. The company has enormous popularity across the globe.
  • Guidance and training. The franchisor helps new partners navigate all business aspects.
  • Highly popular product. People from all over the world adore delicious frozen treats.
  • Assistance and involvement. The parent company strives to find reliable and long-term partners. It participates in the grand opening and promotion of their enterprise, helps to choose a location for a cafe and draws up a design project for it.
  • Wide flavor offerings. The company has a diverse ice cream menu, where customers can find flowers for every taste. A variety of products sets the brand apart from its competition.
  • No prior experience required. Candidates don't need to have previous experience in the ice cream or food industry.
  • Veteran discount. Veterans get a discount on a lump-sum fee.
Baskin Robbins Franchise

Franchise requirements

The company searches for ambitious entrepreneurs that are passionate about the company’s product line. Baskin Robbins is a prosperous network that serves tasty products to millions of customers from every corner of the world. All candidates must share the parent company’s ambitions and values. There are also financial requirements that prospective partners need to meet. All candidates must be capable of covering all initial costs and ongoing expenses.

How much does it cost to open a franchise?

The cost of a Baskin Robbins franchise varies. The amount of required funds differ depending on the location of the unit and the store’s size. Baskin Robbins franchise cost is made up of equipment, estate development, inventory, licenses, insurance, etc. On average, the initial investment is estimated at approximately $293,840-$625,185. Prospective franchisees must also cover a lump-sum fee of $25,000. Additionally, all candidates must have a net worth requirement of $200,000 and have $100,000 in liquid cash.

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Ongoing fees

Royalty fee: 5.9%
Advertising fee: 5%

How much does a Baskin Robbins franchise owner make?

Typically, the median revenue of a Baskin Robbins store is estimated at $419,003 annually. Nevertheless, the numbers differ from one store to another. The amount of produced profit greatly depends upon the location of the unit and its management. There are stores that generate over $1 million in annual sales. Personal franchise owner’s income depends upon the amount of revenue from sales their unit generates. Usually, it is approximately $84,000 a year.

Baskin Robbins franchise profit

On average, the gross sales of each Baskin Robbins unit is estimated at about $420,000- $1,400,000 annually. The owner of the franchise is expected to make 20% of profit margin. So, a Baskin Robbins franchisee’s income is approximately between $84,000 to 280,000. The precise sum of salary depends on the location and type of unit. The brand offers several kinds of franchise packages. There are Combo and Single Brand locations.

Overall, Baskin Robbins franchise profit is made up of many elements, including location type, owner’s skills and abilities, time and effort put into the franchise. Baskin Robbins ranks among the most profitable businesses in the franchise industry.

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