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About Bee & Tea franchise

At the heart of the bustling streets and the ever-dynamic urban buzz, you'll find Bee & Tea franchise – a brand as enchanting as the dance of the bees and as soul-soothing as the age-old tradition of tea brewing. Bee & Tea is more than a name; it's a pledge to offer a concoction of flavors that appeal to the zestful palette of the millennial Gen, creating an experience that resonates with the vibrancy of youth and the wisdom of the tea leaves.

As the name playfully suggests, Bee & Tea franchise marries the industrious nature of a beehive with the calming ritual of tea consumption. Known for its prowess in the art of boba tea creation, the franchise blends rich, fresh flavors with the competitive edge of contemporary beverage culture. This franchise is where a sip of tea carries the buzz of innovation, and a spoonful of boba offers a chewy hello to your taste buds!

About Bee & Tea franchise

Bee & Tea offers something more than a cup of tea; it offers an experience that resonates with the heart and the hive, a competitive investment for those seeking to make more than money – to make moments. Ready to be the queen bee of your local Tea scene? Buzz into the opportunity with Bee & Tea.

Advantages of franchise

Generational Appeal: Tailored to attract a diverse range of consumer groups, especially the millennial and Gen Z demographics that crave unique and Instagram-worthy dining experiences.

Comprehensive Support: Franchisees are supported from day one with training, a robust operational system, marketing strategies, and ongoing assistance to ensure a buzzing start.

Competitive Edge: With a focus on both traditional tea and trendy boba creations, franchisees enter the market with a diverse menu that stands out in the beverage category.

Fresh Concept: Pioneering in fresh tea and boba beverages, Bee & Tea keeps innovation on tap, regularly refreshing its menu and creating returning customer interest.

Brand Recognition: Bee & Tea's sunny brand and memorable concept contribute to a loyal customer base and strong word-of-mouth promotion.

Investment in Community: Franchisees are seen as local community contributors, not just business owners – fostering local events, involvement, and consumer harmony.

Franchise requirements

Entrepreneurial Spirit: A passion for the brand and an unwavering desire to succeed in the franchise industry.

Business Acumen: Previous experience in business management, preferably in the food and beverage sector.

Customer-Centric Focus: Commitment to exceptional customer service that keeps consumers buzzing back.

Financial Readiness: Adequate capitalization to invest in the franchise and sustain operations until the business becomes profitable.

Space Requirements: Access to a retail space of appropriate size, preferably in a high traffic area conducive to our target customer groups.

Adherence to Standards: Willingness to comply with Bee & Tea's operating procedures and menu offerings to maintain brand integrity.

Bee & Tea

How much does it cost to open Bee & Tea franchise

While the Bee & Tea franchise cost can vary depending on location, size, and other factors, prospective franchisees should anticipate an initial all-in investment ranging typically between $147,500-$287,100. This includes fit-out costs, equipment, initial inventory, and branding materials necessary to get your hive buzzing.

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Royalty Fee: An ongoing royalty fee to support corporate branding, marketing, and continuous support hovers around 6% of monthly gross sales.

Marketing Fee: To keep the brand fresh in the minds of tea and boba enthusiasts, a marketing fee of up to 2% of monthly gross sales is contributed to collective marketing efforts.

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