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Brian Tracy Solutions License Opportunities

Enjoy a rewarding career as Professional Development Expert!

Brian Tracy Solutions is the world’s premier business skills training organization. Our professional development courses cover all the competitive necessities for today’s post-pandemic workforce with a focus on attitude, morale, accountability, teamwork and time management—all essential for hybrid workers.

We are specialists in sales and leadership skills, team building, communication, culture, and collaboration. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure companies have the right tools for prioritising, setting expectations and achieving targets with their teams.

Are you passionate about ongoing learning?

We are looking for experienced professionals with an interest in motivating and leading others. You have the opportunity to own your own consultancy as a corporate trainer, mentor and exeutive coach. Develop a team of salespeople and trainers. Enjoy personally-fulfilling and financially-rewarding work!
Continuous learning is the only real source of sustainable competitive advantage for individuals and companies.

Competition is fierce and today’s market is always changing

  • Studies show that 86% of businesses are underachieving
  • Executives are being asked to do substantially more with fewer resources
  • Research indicates that 74% of people are routinely disengaged at work
  • The average person changes jobs 12 times and the average position lasts 2 years
  • Acquiring new customers is up to 25 times more expensive than keeping customers
Brian Tracy Solutions License Opportunities

What to do? We have the solutions!

  • Our time-tested programs have over 5 million graduates and are world-renowned for achieving results
  • Created by legendary busines expert Brian Tracy, our methods are proven through 35 years of research
  • The training and coaching programs focus on skills as well as changes in behaviour and attitude
  • Poplular programs can be customised for business owners, managers, work teams and staff
  • A blend of high-level learning tools and resources guarantees sustained behavioural change
  • Based on regular, customer-driven feedback the innovative programs provide immediate results

You can leverage your skills to build your own professional training and coaching consultancy!

Are you searching for an opportunity with flexibility?

  • Are you interested in developing your own business with the advantage of a global brand?
  • Do you have strong communication skills, an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to help others?
  • Would you like to build a personally-fulfilling and financially-rewarding consultancy?
  • Do you have sales or management experience and the motivation to mentor and coach others?

We can help you maximise your potential!

  • Invest in yourself and enjoy the work-from-anywhere lifestyle
  • Achieve your personal and professional goals while helping others succeed
  • Great return on investment with inventory included for immediate income generation
  • Full expert training provided and ongoing support from the leadership team
  • Control your own hours, low overheads, high profits, more free time
  • Wake up every day excited to become engaged in rewarding work

Brian Tracy Solutions license investments

Initial Investment:

  • Europe: €49,950
  • Mid East | Asia: $49,950 USD

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What do our clients say?

“Understanding our customers better and helping them find solutions is making sales more enjoyable. Thanks to the Superior Selling Skills program, we have a strategy and are closing more sales!”  Min, Sales Manager

“This is the ideal business because I am able to combine my management skills with the outstanding programs to tailor solutions for my clients. I wanted the independence of working for myself and this is the opportunity I was looking for. I was able to achieve a quick ROI.”  Dan, Executive Trainer

Being a licensed trainer is an excellent complement to my boutique consulting business. With the Brian Tracy programs, I can provide a full service to my clients. The assessments are valuable for the accuracy they provide in hiring and performance appraisals.”  Alex, Consultant

“I really like the hands-on focus of this business. I find satisfaction in building relationships, facilitating programs, and helping businesses and individuals. I have received great support from the team and I have improved by own knowledge and skills.”  Chris, Business Owner

“I learned to identify key success measures and set goals. I no longer procrastinate and I feel great about getting more done. This time-management program has made a huge difference in my life.”  Geroge, Accountant

“After the Personal Success workshop, everyone in the office is more focused. Our teamwork has improved and we are getting more done. No one has to stay late anymore.”  Laura, Account Manager

Brian Tracy Solutions License

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