Chile Passport Franchise – Obtaining Citizenship and Childbirth in Chile

Chile Passport Franchise Opportunities

Franchise "Chile passport" - business for obtaining citizenship and childbirth in Chile.

Center for Immigration Consulting "Chile Passport" provides consulting services in the field of obtaining Chilean citizenship, organizing childbirth, paperwork and obtaining a residence permit in Chile. CHILE KIDS became the number 1 company in the Russian market for childbirth abroad in 2021.

CHILE PASSPORT has been successfully operating in the market for 7 years and has 15 specialists in Russian Federation and Chile.

Since 2018 we have been cooperating with clients from different countries of the World: Ukraine, Costa Rica, USA, India, Nigeria and so on.

7 years of successful work in the market 15 specialists in Chile and Russia 200 + satisfied clients
100% newborn get chilean passports Personal experience of childbirth in Chile Legal purity guarantee

Why Chile?

Chilean passport – the best passport for traveler.

The procedure of getting citizenship is fully legal and lawful, existing for more than 30 years.

Chilean passport gives visa free entrance into 161 countries of the world and 23 autonomous territories, including USA, Canada, Japan, EU, UK.

Unlike the procedure of getting passport in EU, there is no need for constant leaving during 5-8 years within Chilean territory.

Despite of USA citizens, if you do not leave in Chile, you do not have to pay taxes from the income, got abroad, to Chilean government.

Chilean citizen can get citizenship in Spain within accelerated program, only after 2 years being in Chile, instead of 10 years as it is usually.

In Chile, as it is in Russia, 2nd citizenship is allowed without any restrictions.

Our company is actively developing and we invite partners to join a strong team in 2 main areas:

  1. Accompaniment and organization of childbirth in Chile. Children, born in Chile, get citizenship based right of the territory.

  2. Obtaining Chilean citizenship. Any person, regardless current status, age, nationality could get Chilean citizenship within process of naturalization.

When joining the franchise network, the partner receives all the tools for a successful start, from marketing (website, customized advertising channels, corporate identity), as well as training for employees and managers, access to the knowledge base, examples of legal documents. In the course of work, each partner interacts with his personal curator and gets assistance in running a business, in preparing documents, in technical and legal aspects. The goal of the company is high quality customer service, thanks to professionalism and extensive experience in the market.

Chile Passport Franchise Package

What is included into the franchise fee

  1. Exclusivity to the territory. All sales in the selected area / region through one partner

  2. Office Turnkey. You get recommendations on the choice of premises, a ready-made office design project and a list of necessary equipment with a description of the technical characteristics

  3. Personnel selection. Our HR service will help you find promising sales managers and conduct interviews, give recommendations on employee management

  4. Staff training. A sales coach will train managers on how to attract customers and how to properly present a service

  5. Attracting clients. A centralized marketing strategy across all sales channels, including the website, social media, Telegram channel, allows you to save your budget and attract customers online

  6. Promotional materials. We provide ready-made presentations and other materials for working with clients

  7. Financial model. We help to understand how much money needs to be invested, how much profit will be and how long it will take to reach the required turnover

  8. Personal support. Each franchisee office is supervised by a development director

How much does the Chile Passport franchise cost?

Chile Passport has a franchise fee ranges from $14,900, with a total initial investment from $20,200.

Initial investments: from $20,200
Payback period: from 3 months
Average turnover per month: $17,230
Royalties: none
Franchise fees: from $14,900
Other current payments: none

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Chile passport franchise buyers requirements
  • Starting investments for launching
  • Experience in building a sales department is welcomed
  • Actual residence in the region when opening a sales center with an office

Advantages of the Chile Passport Franchise

Partner benefits:

  • The right to use the brands Chile Passport and Chile Kids
  • A ready-made promotion model for organizing a business in your city
  • Individual financial model calculated specifically for your city
  • Transfer of the current client base of the region
  • Analytics toolkit for working with clients
  • Small investment and no risk
  • The entire procedure for obtaining citizenship is carried out by our specialists of the parent company (preparation of documents, legal and language support, submission of documents in Chile).
  • Working with an advanced immigration center in Chile and using privileges
  • Analysis of migration legislation
  • Exploring the culture, history and characteristics of Chile
  • Network work standards
  • Seminars on updates in the order of issuing documents, changes
  • Sales training. Our experts will provide information on how to attract customers and where to find customers in B2B and B2C.
  • Full marketing support - advertising, promotion through social media
  • Our team in chile organizes a Turnkey service
  • You do not need to start a business from zero
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