CLICK COFFEE - International Chain of Autonomous Robotic Coffeeshops

About the brand «CLICK COFFEE»

CLICK COFFEE is a chain of fully-autonomous smart robotic coffeeshops. It provides highest quality coffee for end-users and efficient human-non-dependent business for partners.
It allows to save on OPEX to have higher margin and faster ROI.

We love coffee. And we love technology.
We use advanced technology and a data-driven approach to ensure that we brew excellent quality coffee.

We aim to make high quality and sustainable coffee available everywhere and for everybody. We truly believe that we all deserve great coffee.

And we have a solution to make it happen :)

CLICK COFFEE - happy customers

Available options

OPTION 1. Coffee-2-go

  • 5 sq m, fits for aisle locations, can be placed with the back side to the wall.

OPTION 2. Full Size Coffee shop

  • Hybrid format (25-50 sq meters). Features a robot barista, sitting facilities, counter with food extra sales and a human shop assistant (not a barista). Separate room location.

OPTION 3. Mid Size Isle Coffee shop

  • Hybrid format (15-20 sq meters). A more compat option of Full Size Coffeeshop with lower CAPEX. Normally doesn’t require repairs but features sitting facilities, food counter and location fencing. Requires presence of 1 human staff.


CLICK COFFEE business model

Company provides equipment, ingredients all the support and software management. For that it charges 10%. Additionally the Company can provide daily maintenance service. The Partner only serves as a Silent investor in that case and provides a location.

CLICK COFFEE - services

How much does the CLICK COFFEE franchise cost?

Initial Investment: $108,000

The franchise includes:

  1. Robotic barista hardware delivery and set up
  2. Robotic barista software launch
  3. Regular ingredients supply
  4. Daily maintenance
  5. Pricing positioning (Middle Up+)
  6. Local marketing strategy
  7. Online loyalty programs (fully automatic)
  8. 24/7/365 customer support (English / Arabic)
  9. Equipment warranty

Payback period: 29 months
Average turnover per month: $14,000
Royalties: 10%
Franchise fee: 0 USD

Royalty and franchise fee is 10% and is used as a subscription to software operating the robot.

Other current payments: none

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Availability of location to make 100 cups of coffee a day
No net worth, liquid cash requirements


  • fully autonomous
  • remote control
  • 24/7 operation and quality control
  • not-dependent on humans
  • ideal quality
  • viral effect
  • high-tech business
CLICK COFFEE - premises
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