Collision On Wheels Franchise

About Collision On Wheels franchise

Collision On Wheels is an innovative and advanced auto repair franchise that brings convenient and top-quality collision repair services directly to the customer's location. With a fleet of fully equipped, state-of-the-art mobile repair units, the franchise offers a hassle-free and time-saving solution for vehicle owners in need of expert collision repair services.

Collision On Wheels brings the adrenaline-pumping action of car collisions right to your doorstep. The franchise offers the ultimate experience in demolition derby-style entertainment, where audiences can witness heart-stopping, high-octane collisions between specially modified vehicles, all in a safe and controlled environment.

About Collision On Wheels franchise

Collision On Wheels also places a strong emphasis on safety and responsible driving. The franchise promotes the message of safe and cautious driving practices, and encourages audiences to remember the importance of road safety even in the midst of all the excitement.

So whether you're a dedicated motorhead, a thrill-seeker, or just someone looking for a unique and unforgettable experience, Collision On Wheels franchise has something for everyone. Join the brand for an unforgettable ride and experience the collision on wheels like never before!

Advantages of franchise

Mobile Service: The franchise offers the unique advantage of providing on-the-spot repairs at the customer's preferred location, saving them time and eliminating the need for towing or transport.

Cutting-edge Technology: The brand is committed to leveraging the latest technology and methods to deliver high-quality repairs, ensuring consumer’s complete satisfaction and trust in the service.

High Demand: With an increasing number of vehicles on the road, the need for convenient and efficient collision repair solutions is on the rise, offering significant growth possibilities for franchisees.

Tested Business System: The franchise owner is granted a well-working and robust business model, allowing franchisees to access a ready-made system for operations and promotion.

Continued Support: For franchise owners robust training regimen, assistance, and accessibility to a network of industry professionals are available, enhancing their chances of success and growth.

Environmentally Friendly: Collision On Wheels franchisees leverage green tools and methods, contributing to a healthier planet.

Franchise requirements

Automotive Industry Knowledge: Prospective franchisees should have a solid understanding of the vehicle sector, including collision repair processes, materials, and technical requirements.

Customer Service Focus: A commitment to providing exceptional customer service and building strong relationships with clients is essential in maintaining the franchise's reputation and attracting repeat business.

Business Background: Franchise owners need to demonstrate a strong business acumen, including financial management, marketing skills, and the ability to lead and motivate a team.

Operational Standards: Adherence to the franchise's operational standards, ensuring that all repairs are carried out to the highest quality and safety standards, is crucial.

Passion for Innovation: A willingness to embrace new tools, technologies, information, and industry trends is important, as the franchise is dedicated to staying at the forefront of collision repair techniques and customer satisfaction.

Collision On Wheels

How much does it cost to open Collision On Wheels franchise

The Collision On Wheels franchise cost can vary, but generally ranges from $80,000 to $90,000. This investment covers the franchise fee, equipment, initial marketing, and working capital to launch and operate the business in your area successfully. There are also financial prerequisites like a net worth of $100,000 and liquid capital of $50,000.

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In addition to the initial investment, there are ongoing fees to be paid, such as royalties based on a percentage of sales and marketing fees for national and local advertising efforts. However, these fees contribute to the support and brand visibility that the franchisor provides.

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