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Crimean Rose Franchise Opportunities

Crimean Rose is cosmetic manufacture of the products from natural raw materials grown in Crimea. The company has expertise in the development and creation of cosmetic products since 1930.

Today, under the brand name Crimean Rose operates 2 branded stores. All our branches are successful and bring good profit.

Currently, the natural cosmetics market is experiencing an unprecedented rise. One of the important advantages of the Crimean Rose Franchise is the use of natural ingredients and essential oils.

Crimean Rose franchise
Crimean Rose franchise for sale

What is crimean rose store

89 years in the Cosmetics market.
200 Care products based on essential oils and natural extracts.
No. 1 in Russia in the production of cosmetics based on rose oil.
Distribution in 29+ regions of the Russian Federation.

  • Own manufacture in Crimea.
  • Natural cosmetics - 80%+ of ingredients of natural origin.
  • Product range and Store format are popular in the market.
  • Well-developed methods of training and staff development.
  • High standards of service.

A well-developed business model, systematic work of staff and maximum customer loyalty are the keys to a profitable business!

High product quality and customer care are the secrets of the Crimean Rose success.

  • We fully support the Eco-concept and take care of our customers.
  • The main ingredients for cosmetics are grown in Crimea.
  • Crimean Rose takes care of the ecology of Crimea, restores its natural diversity and supports the ecosystem of the republic.
  • All cosmetics are tested in laboratory conditions, as well as with the participation of volunteers. Nothing is tested on animals and do not contain products of animal origin.
Crimean Rose franchise cost
Crimean Rose franchise to own


The trademark Crimean Rose is a symbol of the highest quality.

  • The products are based on flowers, herbs and cereals, essential oils, and deep-cleaned artesian water harvested at the Crimea's wells.
  • The main ingredient of cosmetics, which is produced in the company- rose water. It rejuvenates, tones and nourishes the skin, restores water balance. Rosewater is a natural antiseptic, which helps to maintain youth and beauty for many years.
  • Cosmetics Crimean Rose - a participant of the International Exhibitions and Competitions. In 2016 and 2017, we received GEMMA awards.
Crimean Rose franchise investment

Product range

At the moment, Crimean Rose has 7 independent collections:

  • "Anti-stress" - Collection of body-care cosmetics with lavender oil.
  • "Pro-Age" - Collection of body-care cosmetics based on rose water.
  • "Lavender Anti-Pollution" - Collection created to protect the skin from the aggressive effects of the urban environment by increasing skin immunity.
  • "Rose Collection" - Collection of face-care cosmetics based on rose water.
  • "LAVENDER" - Collection of face-care cosmetics with lavender oil.
  • "Solar Collection" - Collection of cosmetics for even tanning and skincare after exposure to the sun.
  • "Only for men" - Сollection of men's skincare products for face, body, and hair.
  • "Essential oils collection" - Сollection of 15 different oils.
Crimean Rose franchise fee
Crimean Rose franchise opportunities


The project team - professionals who are passionate about their work and have many years of successful experience in the beauty industry. We managed not only to maintain production and a unique team of experts but also to reach a new level.

We created the best product with the perfect balance of price and quality, which was able to fully satisfy the needs of customers.

We managed to win the trust of customers in record time, which allowed us to achieve a successful financial result.

We are ready to share with you our experience and knowledge. Start making money right now with the Crimean Rose team!

buy a Crimean Rose franchise
best franchise to own - Crimean Rose Franchise

Format of the Crimean Rose franchise store

Crimean Rose shop space starts from 6 m².

best franchise to invest in - Crimean Rose Franchise
Crimean Rose franchise requirements

Crimean Rose franchise offer

Dear partners, Crimea is a real jewel of our Planet! We have something to be proud of. And our task is to preserve our heritage for future generations. We offer you to make profitable investments and join our team of professionals. Open a profitable business in your area!

With us, you can open the Crimean Rose store even without experience and specialized education!

We can teach you all the aspects of our business.

We provide support at all stages and a flow of customers.

We organize business processes.

We provide a support team so that you can just start working and confidently build up the company's turnover.

How much does the Crimean Rose Cosmetics Stores franchise cost?

Crimean Rose has no franchise fee with a total initial investment from $9,500.

Starting investments: from $9,500

  • Trading equipment – $4,070;
  • Initial purchase of goods – $4,070;
  • Rent + deposit – $1,360.

Payback period: from 12 months
Average monthly turnover: $6,780
Royalty: none
Franchise fee: none

  • The right to use the brand;
  • Placing a partner on a federal website;
  • Brand book;
  • Branded elements (online/offline);
  • Layouts of promotional materials;
  • A 3D project with a technical and architectural plan;
  • Business plan for opening a point;
  • Walkthrough on launching a project;
  • Exclusive conditions for the supply of products;
  • Selection of optimal equipment and accessories for the store;
  • Recommendations on choosing a location and renting a room;
  • Training in the operational management of the store;
  • Consulting support on business issues;
  • Assistance in staff recruitment and training;
  • Staff motivation program;
  • Targeted advertising campaign;
  • Proven technologies to attract and retain customers;
  • Well-developed customer loyalty system;
  • Instructions for working with the customer base (proven service standards);
  • Marketing plan (promotions and special offers);
  • Dedicated 5/2 business support team.

Other current payments: none

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Business model of Crimean Rose franchise

Number of checks per day: from 15
Average check: $8
Trade margin: 105%
Average turnover: $6,780
Average profit per month: from $6,780
Number of employees: from 2 people
Store launch: from 1 month
Payback: from 12 months

Requirements for buyers of crimean rose franchise
  • Availability of the necessary investments for the implementation of the project.
  • Willingness to comply with company standards.
  • Willingness to learn.
  • The desire to develop the project Crimean Rose according to the franchise model.
Requirements for premises of crimean rose store
  • Trading area from 6 m² (mall).
  • Neighborhood with anchor tenants.
  • Uninterrupted client traffic.
  • The absence of tenants of competitors in the vicinity of your location.

Advantages of Crimean Rose franchise

We carefully approached the development of our Franchise. At the start, you will receive the necessary package of materials, instructions for organizing, managing and promoting. You just have to open the Crimean Rose store and make a profit:

  • Franchise without a Franchise fee and royalty.
  • Promising, developing market.
  • Eco-store concept.
  • The presence of successful own points with well-organized work processes.
  • A minimum number of employees to conduct business.
  • Small store area and minimal equipment costs.
  • Well-managed product delivery.
  • Strict staff selection and training.
  • Its unique corporate identity.
  • Well-developed customer service system.
  • Tested marketing tools for quick start and customer flow support.
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