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About “Delhivery” franchise

Logistics sector is one of the most profitable in India. Today, it is impossible to imagine life without delivery. Food, apparel, furniture, technologies, and other kinds of items can be delivered to your doorstep in no time. That’s why business in the logistics industry is considered to be a lucrative and in-demand venture. It is easier to enter the industry with a renowned brand, rather than starting delivery service from the ground up. Delhivery franchise could be the desired possibility in India for you.

About Delhivery franchise

Delhivery was established in 2011, and four years later it began franchising. Nowadays, it is considered to be the top express Indian courier company. It serves over 1400 cities, and the rate of delivery is off the charts. The brand focuses on providing reliable, efficient and affordable delivery services. Its magnitude is enormous. If you wish to become a Delhivery partner, then there are area and financial requirements that have to be met. You can find information about them below.

Advantages of the franchise

  • Renowned brand. Delhivery is distinguished by a strong reputation and recognition in the courier market in India.
  • Trusted brand. Consumers and leading companies consider Delhivery to be a trustworthy and reliable brand that cares about the client's needs.
  • Low investment. For such a renowned brand Delhivery requires quite low investment, which is a huge benefit for entrepreneurs that want to enter the delivery market.
  • Marketing support. The brand has vast and effective channels for marketing and promotion of its franchises and services.
  • Training. The parent company grants training and manuals, so entrepreneurs can effectively navigate all business processes and aspects associated with managing a Delhivery franchise.
  • Magnitude. Delhivery serves over 1400 towns and cities, has numerous sort, fulfillment and direct courier centers, and thousands of people that work hard to ensure the best standards and quality of services.
  • Pioneer in the industry. Delhivery has over 12 years of experience in the delivery market, and the brand was among the first delivery organizations in India. Today, Delhivery is the top class provider of logistics facilities in India.
  • Large customer base. Millions of people and thousands of businesses turn to Delhivery for logistics services.

Franchise requirements

Individuals interested in acquiring a Delhivery enterprise should be financially capable to pay for associated costs. Thus, it is beneficial to have previous experience in the delivery industry. Management and leadership skills are welcomed. Entrepreneurs that are ready to fully dedicate themselves to managing a Delhivery franchise and maintaining standards set by the parent company are appreciated. If you wish to contact and apply for the Delhivery partner program, then visit the brand’s official website to receive a detailed plan of action.

How much does it cost to open the franchise

Delhivery franchise cost is estimated at approximately Rs 50000-2 lakhs.

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There are no ongoing fees required for covering. Brand fee and advertising are included in the initial investment.

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