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About “DTDC” franchise

The company was established in 1990. Nowadays, there are over 12000 franchise units throughout India. It has an international presence as well. Delivery and courier services are recession-free and an ever-growing market sector. And, even during the pandemic, this industry prospered. DTDC has been operating for a long time, and it has firmly consolidated its place in the market. So, if you’re thinking about establishing a business in a delivery industry, then a DTDC franchise is the right choice for you.

About DTDC franchise

The brand has a solid business model that makes it possible for franchisees to easily achieve success. DTDC has millions of customers thanks to the provision of affordable and reliable services and convenience of shipping process. As for entrepreneurs, then they can greatly benefit from this opportunity that requires low investment and grants high profit margin.

Advantages of the franchise

  • Pioneer in the industry. DTDC has over 30 years of experience and rich knowledge of the industry, so it has a deep insight in the market prospects and customers preferences.
  • Low-cost opportunity. DTDC is a renowned brand with rich resources and good foundations, and it requires low investment to get started, which is a huge benefit for entrepreneurs.
  • Large customer base. The brand has a huge consumer base that has been gained over the years that entrepreneurs can take advantage of.
  • Top-notch technology. The company has efficient and high-tech software and technologies needed for productive and fruitful operation. Automated processes allow franchisees to save time and focus on growing their enterprise.
  • Training. Comprehensive and inclusive program is provided by the parent company. Thus, prospective franchisees will gain knowledge and necessary skills required for smooth operation and development. Entrepreneurs can also get acquainted with the information regarding news and products via a portal for franchisees.
  • Corporate support. All franchisees get ongoing assistance and necessary help.
  • Recession-free industry. Courier and shipping services are always in demand and typically do not lose their relevance even during economic disturbances and other global events.

Franchise requirements

Ideal candidates for DTDC are those with the passion to work in the courier industry. Background in the delivery sector is not necessary. Dedication and enthusiasm to the DTDC cause is appreciated. Entrepreneurs should be able to follow standards set by the brand and maintain them. Thus, entrepreneurs must possess necessary funds for acquiring and developing an enterprise. If you feel that a DTDC franchise is the right path for you, then apply for consideration and fill the form on the official website. Contact our specialists at Topfranchise.com if you have any questions.

How much does it cost to open franchise

Here is a breakdown of DTDC franchise cost and essential financial requirements.

Initial Investment: Rs. 50,000-Rs. 1.5 lakhs
Liquid Capital: Rs. 20,000-Rs. 1 lakhs

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DTDC requires a royalty fee of 10% deducted from the turnover.

DTDC Franchise Info: https://www.dtdc.in/franchisee/

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