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Operating from our UK headquarters in Leicester, we manufacture and distribute products for the Automotive aftermarket The products are developed and manufactured in the UK and used by a variety of customers across diverse industries, including car dealerships, haulage companies, plant hire and car rental companies.

Established in 2010, EcoMotive have developed a range of products - CleanDrive being the flagship product. CleanDrive cuts pollution levels (CO2 and NOx) by up to 60% and increases fuel economy by up to 15%. CleanDrive is designed to bring a vehicle back to its manufacturers design point. These outstanding results have been verified by UK Universities after work with Government (both local and national) and the private sector.

EcoMotive franchise for sale

Tyre-Fix which is a “permanent” puncture prevention treatment and tyre life extender/conditioner and we believe the best environmentally green product on the world market today. It is installed in minutes through the tyre valve with very little air loss and without removing the wheels. It is "applied before the puncture occurs" and permanently seals punctures "as they happen. It is an ECO Friendly water based product that is 100% non-toxic and 95% organic.

All our products were developed after years of research and development with Leading Universities in the UK. Additionally all our products have been independantly tested and proven to work.

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CleanDrive is now a market leader in the UK and Ireland and can be used in petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles (cars, Motorbikes and any combustion engine). The range of products also includes TyreFix - a unique product which immediately seals punctures in trucks, cars and motorcycles.

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Gask-it, a product for sealing the head gasket and radiator leaks in engines and also a professional range for workshops.

The company is becoming one of the most recognised motor care brands on the market. Developed, made and tested in Britain, their products have established a high reputation within both the private and public sector.

EcoMotive Franchise Offer

We offer a “stock only” Exclusive Master Licence package for £15,000 where you are our sole distributor of our product range in your country. We are not charging for the right to distribute our sealant, nor will there be any royalties or on-going fees to pay - you pay only for the stock.(please call to arrange an appointment to discuss).

How much does the EcoMotive franchise cost?

EcoMotive has a franchise a total initial investment from $15,000.

Initial investments: starting from $15,000
Payback period: 6 months
Average turnover per month: $5,000
Royalties: none
Franchise fees: none
Other current payments: none

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Success story

My name is David Evans and I am a distributor of the Ecomotive range of products in South Africa. Prior to starting my business with Ecomotive, I worked for over 20 years as a Supermarket manager. Due to the pandemic I was made redundant. There was an option for me to continue working as a assistant but I decided that itw as time I started doing something completely different.

I saw an advert on the internet regarding becoming an Ecomotive distributor and decided to look into it..

The Durban area was available so I decided to get as much advice as possible and also undertook training from the Ecomotive Team via Zoom. The team at head office was extremely helpful which gave me the confidence to start selling the product.

My business model was mainly to sell the 20 litre drums to the trade along with the other automotive products that Ecomotive do. Additionally, I had decided to carry out installations myself as much as possible.

I have now established a good customer base from which I receive regular monthly orders. Appart from the automotive trade I also have Customers from a diverse range of businesses such as motorcycle dealers, tyre companies, house builders, caravan sales and servicing.

- David Evans

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EcoMotive Franchise Business Model

As an example with Tyre-Fix:

  • If you set up installation centres and supply them with the 20 litre Drums of high speed grade with an installation pump you will achieve good returns.
  • If you employ your own people to install with the high speed grade you will get a return from the 20 litre barrel of £1000 installing into domestic on- road vehicles etc. It takes less than 10 minutes to install into 4 tyres on a car.
  • If you supply the your local garage workshops with Clean-Drive and Tyre-Fix you could achieve a return of approximately 35%.
Requirements to buy ecomotive franchise
  • Stock only packages are available from £10,000– no franchise or royalty fees to pay.
Additional information
  • After securing a Master Licence, we will provide full back up support to get you fully operational. We have a team of experts to offer you technical and marketing expertise, allowing you to focus on moving forward with confidence.
How much does it cost to secure the exclusive rights for a country?
  • We offer a “stock only” Exclusive Master Licence package for £15,000 where you are our sole distributor of our product range in your country.(subject to terms being agreed) There are no charges to becomming a distributor of our products nor is there any royalties.

EcoMotive Fanchise Advantages

There are also massive savings to be made by vehicle fleets and large construction machinery. The potential market for EcoMotive’s products is not just within the automotive industry but We see potential markets in the following areas:

  • Motor spares shops/factors
  • Spares distributors
  • Garage workshops
  • Motor dealerships/showrooms
  • Fleet operators
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Generators
  • Marine

There are also opportunities to approach big companies and government organisations like the Ministry of Defence etc. We supply our low speed extra heavy duty grade to many large companies with off/road vehicle fleets from just a few hundred to tens of thousands. The market of farms, construction, plant hire, demolition, waste management, forestry and mining is huge all over the world.

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