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Fantastic Sams Holding Corp. is an American chain of full services hair-care salons in the U.S. and Canada. With over 900 franchised locations, it was the first nationally franchised unisex salon chain in the U.S. and it is one of the largest salon chains in the U.S. Fantastic Sams was founded in 1974 by Sam Ross in Memphis, Tennessee.
Franchising began in 1976, under the title "Incredible Sam's" but was changed in 1981 to "Fantastic Sams" so that it was easier to say. Fantastic Sams salons also sell Fantastic Sams hair-care products.

How to open a Fantastic Sams franchise?

  1. Ensure you have adequate capitalization.
    In order to open a Fantastic Sams Cut and Color franchise, you must have a net worth of more than $500,000.
  2. Appreciate the investment required for a hair salon franchise.
    You will need to consider building and real estate costs, the cost of equipment and signs, the costs of licenses and permits, the cost of uniforms, the cost of insurance, etc.
  3. Evaluate your prior experience and strengths.
    You should thoroughly evaluate your prior business experience before applying to become a Fantastic Sams franchise owner.
  4. Assess market availability.
    You will want to look at the market availability for Fantastic Sams franchises and see if there are available markets in your location of interest before proceeding with the franchising application. The company's salons thrive in areas with high foot traffic, free parking, and surrounding retail businesses.
  5. Submit your application.
    Your application will be reviewed by the Fantastic Sams franchise team. You will be emailed a confirmation receipt upon reception of your online application, where we will additionally provide the contact details of the franchise owner.
  6. Receive approval & opening your Fantastic Sams franchise.
    You will receive franchise approval once your financial and background checks are completed. Approval will only be given to candidates who meet all the requirements of franchise owners.

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How much does Fantastic Sams franchise cost?

Fantastic Sams has the franchise fee of up to $30,000, with total initial investment range of $215,000 to $479,000.

Initial investments: $215,000 - $479,000
Net-worth Requirement: $500,000
Liquid Cash Requirement: $100,000

Estimated Initial Investment

Type Of Expenditure Low High
Initial Franchise Fee $25,000 $25,000
Lease & Utilities Deposits $2,500 $6,000
Leasehold Improvements $75,715 $179,410
Signs $6,000 $10,000
Stamped Architectural Drawings $6,250 $9,350
Site Survey $2,500 $3,700
Opening Package (including equipment, decor, POS, smallwares, etc.) $123,750 $183,550
Inventory $5,000 $7,000
Miscellaneous Development Service Fees $0 $1,270
Initial Advertising Fees & Expenses (6 months) $30,000 $30,000
Franchise Premises Rent (3 months) $3,090 $10,526
Material & Supplies $500 $2,000
Operations Training & Foundations Class $0 $500
Travel & Living Expenses While Training $3,395 $12,150
Employee Training $500 $1,500
Insurance (3 months) $375 $1,175
Bookkeeping/Payroll Services (3 months) $1,500 $1,600
Additional Funds, Working Capital, and Miscellaneous Expenses (3 months) $10,000 $50,000
TOTAL* $215,000 $479,000

* The data in table above, compiled from the Fantastic Sams Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), represent the estimated financial range for the initial setting up and first 3 months of operation for a new Fantastic Sams hair salon.

Ongoing Fees

Initial Franchise Fee: $30,000
Ongoing Royalty Fee: $362+/wk.
Ad Royalty Fee: $142/wk.

Fantastic Sams Locations

Fantastic Sams Cut and Color locations:

Fantastic Sams Franchise

Are you interested in starting Fantastic Sams Franchise in the USA, Canada, or another country?

We provide estimated franchise costs for some countries:
- In the United States, the total investment to start the Fantastic Sams full-service hair salon is around $215,000 to $479,000.
- In Canadian dollar, the investment comes around Can$ 271,580 to Can$ 605,050.

Support Options

On-The-Job Training: ongoing
Classroom Training: 32 hours
Additional Training: At regional office
Number of Employees Required to Run: 8

Fantastic Sams Franchisee Testimonials:

Fantastic Sams Franchise Info:

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