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Description of the Franchise Coffee Like  (coffee-to-go)

Coffee Like was founded in 2013 by two young businessmen Zufar Garipov and Ayaz Shabutdinov. Since November 2013, the company has been quickly expanding operations, has been growing rapidly and increasing the chain. In 2014, Coffee Like participated in the Young Billionaire School contest, reached the finals and was among the top ten startups in the small business category, according to Forbes. In 2016, the company strengthened its position: it committed itself to offering consistent quality of the product which would satisfy 100% of its customers. Today, we are no longer a small-town startup with a doubtful future, but a company with an established structure and vast experience.

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Franchise offer

What are the benefits for our partners?

  • Successfully implemented economic model
  • A team of professionals who control the business
  • Assistance in assessing the location and traffic
  • Coffee shop development plan
  • Free barista training
  • Free management skills training for our partner in the coffee-to-go segment
  • Tailored architectural design of the coffee shop
  • Assistance of an assigned manager throughout the whole process of shop opening
  • Presentation for the landlord
  • Consultations on legal/financial issues
  • Own training centre and online academy
  • Own ERP system
  • Access to the CRM system
  • Coffee Like knowledge base is our unique information resource
  • SMM support
  • Recommendations for suppliers
  • Product flow charts
  • POS mock-ups for launching the coffee shop
  • Own quality assurance system

Franchise for Sale - Coffee Like

How much does Coffee Like franchise cost?

Coffee Like has the franchise fee of up to $3,100, with total initial investment from $14,000.

Initial investments: from $14,000.
Payback period: from 6 months.
Turnover per month: from $4,800.
Royalties: 4.5% of revenue.
Franchise Fee: $3,100

  • use of the brand
  • access to the knowledge base
  • location assessment
  • architectural design of the coffee shop
  • training for the partners and barista
  • legal and financial consultation
  • assistance throughout the whole opening period

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Business Model

  • 200% average markup 
  • 24% profitability
  • $2,78 average transaction amount
  • from 1 to 3 months – starts to show operating surplus
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Requirements to buy the franchise
  • a counter in a shopping mall, business centre etc
  • pavilion without a waiting area
  • pavilion with a waiting area
  • designated shop area on the ground floor of a building
  • New! Proper coffee house

Franchise advantages

  • Active use of social networking sites for promotion 
  • seasonal menu
  • efficiency of each and every campaign is tested in our own retail
  • only reputable suppliers
  • knowledge base including over 130 useful articles and videos.

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