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DESCRIPTION of the Franchise MANEKI-NEKO Family Restaurant

"Maneki-Neko" is a successful restaurant on Stariy Arbat. Family restaurant with European, Russian, Japanese and Oriental cuisine. Attractive venue for any clientele and a cozy place for various events. Popular among tourists and sports fans on match days.

"Maneki-Neko" restaurant cat's concept we have chosen brings wealth to the owner and happiness to customers.

Franchise opportunities - MANEKI-NEKO

Igor Chmil,
founder of "Maneki-Neko"


  • Family restaurant "Maneki-Neko" with a unique concept
  • Floor area: starting from 200 square meters, 60 seats, karaoke and a possibility to include hookah in the menu
  • variety of cuisines
  • business lunches 
  • organization of events 
  • alcohol license.

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Franchise offer

We offer you an opportunity to open your own Maneki-Neko restaurant and become the leading enterprise in your area attracting a wide target audience and tourists.

Franchise for Sale - MANEKI-NEKO

How much does MANEKI-NEKO franchise cost?

MANEKI-NEKO has the franchise fee of up to $15,500, with total initial investment from $162,000.

  • Starting investment: from $162,000
  • Rent and deposit
  • Lump-sum payment
  • redecoration
  • utility payments
  • process equipment, 
  • furniture
  • software and cash register equipment
  • utensils
  • TV and audio system
  • stocks
  • labour costs to open the business
  • alcohol license, uniforms
  • navigation.

Payback period: 18 months on average.
Monthly turnover: $60,300 on average.
Royalty: no royalty for three months, then $2,600 per month.
Franchise Fee: $15,500.

  • The right to use the Maneki-Neko brand; 
  • We provide a comprehensive model of business that works; 
  • Common website with a reservation and delivery system; 
  • Posting information on the official company’s website and in the VK group, Instagram; 
  • Consultation and expert evaluation of the chosen venue for the restaurant; 
  • Training and internship for the owner and line staff in a Moscow restaurant; visit of the StartUp team to your location; 
  • Support and face-to-face communication on restaurant management issues with Maneki-Neko founders; 
  • Established CRM system; 
  • A concept that attracts tourists; 
  • Cost optimization training for cooks and staff; 
  • Support in increasing the amount of the average transaction; 
  • Consulting services on increasing revenue and attracting customers; 
  • Equipment specification development and installation plan; 
  • Premises renovation and design standards; 
  • Assistance in recruiting personnel; 
  • POS materials mock-ups; 
  • Menu in three languages (Chinese, English, Russian); 
  • Motivation programmes for the staff; 
  • Monitoring of standards compliance, 
  • quality of services and products; 
  • Assistance in developing marketing programmes; 
  • Instructions, rules and regulations, operational standards, 
  • Process charts; 
  • Consultation on building customer loyalty and attracting new clients.

Other current payments: depend on restaurant’s area conditions.

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If our recommendations are followed, monthly turnover will average $60,800.

Average transaction amount – $14.

Average number of customers per restaurant per month – 4,300 people.

Payback period: approx. 18 months.

Requirements to buy franchise
  • Business experience;
  • Availability of necessary funds.
Requirements for the room
  • Main street with high pedestrian traffic or residential district;
  • The first line of houses, display Windows, the presence of the emergency entrance, preferably a non-residential building;
  • Capacity from 50 kW, water, Sewerage, ventilation;
  • Preferably the availability of Parking;
  • The possibility of placing summer terraces.


Benefits for franchisee

  • Comprehensive model of a business that works;
  • Average turnover: $60,800;
  • Average payback period: approx.18 months;
  • Wide target audience;
  • Diversified;
  • Menu and attractive prices;
  • A concept that attracts tourists;
  • Training and internship for the owner and line;
  • Visit of the StartUp team to your location;
  • Support and face-to- face communication on restaurant management issues with Maneki- Neko founders;
  • Royalty: from the third month in business;
  • Common website with a reservation and delivery system;
  • Marketing support.
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Advantages for the customers

  • Family restaurant
  • Variety of cuisines: over 100 items (rolls, burgers, pizza, noodles, salads, deserts); Seasonal offers
  • Broadcasts of exciting matches
  • Best value-for- money menu
  • Business lunches
  • Delivery
  • Summer terrace
  • Caring staff
  • Bar/wine list/unique beer list: craft beer etc
  • Numerous discount offers. Example: pizza 100 Rubles, buy two get one free.
  • Karaoke/ hookah
  • Availability of all dishes on the menu (approximately 100 dishes)
  • Menu in three languages
  • Hosting events: public holidays, graduation parties, birthdays, events for kids.
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