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Franchise opportunities - IL Patio

The IL Patio franchise provides its franchisee with access to a unique system designed to create, open and operate restaurants according to network standards.

Rosinter Restaurants provides constant operational and marketing support to restaurants after their opening.

Franchise for Sale - IL Patio

IL Patio brand philosophy
We are a family of Italian restaurants, where you would want to spend time with your family, friends and loved ones. We can plunge you into the exciting, festive and friendly atmosphere of Italy. We cook original Italian cuisine with unique recipes and sell our masterpieces for attractive prices.

  • Stability - IL Patio brand is already 25 years on the market
  • Efficient time-proved economic model, successful business cases of restaurants
  • High investment ratios: MARGIN 10-15%, IRR 40 - 60%
  • Profit from $10,000/month, pay back period from 24 months
  • All operating restaurants are economically efficient
  • Our franchisees have more than 2 restaurants (90% of cases)
  • Efficient operations support – our regional managers will help you to handle your business
  • Federal marketing activities, LSM guide for efficient local marketing offers
  • Own brand chef and brand director
  • We know the market from all sides – from the side of a franchisor and from the side of a franchisee
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How much does IL Patio franchise cost?

IL Patio has the franchise fee of up to $39,000, with total initial investment from $300,000.

Initial investments: from $300,000
Payback period: from 24 months
Average turnover per month: from $75,000
Royalties: 6%
Franchise fees: from $29,000 to $39,000

Usage of the brand and its trademark, support (construction and maintenance, procurements and logistics, trainings, operations, marketing) on all stages of construction and development of the restaurant.

Other current payments: 1.5% marketing fund payment

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Requirements for the room
  • Viewable, within the walking distance
  • Places of heavy pedestrian traffic
  • In densely populated districts within the red lines, with a separate entrance
  • On crossroads of busy highways or highways nearby large residential compounds and trade zones
  • Nearby large hypermarkets, shopping and entertainment complexes, business centers
  • Shop windows
  • Parking availability / area to organize a parking
  • Optimal rent period – from 7 years with an option of renewal
  • Possibility to place advertisement boards on the building front elevation as well as on the front elevation of the restaurant’s point
  • In shopping and entertainment centers, business centers - on the ground floor with a separate entrance

Franchise advantages

Support on all stages of cooperation:

Construction and operation

  • Advisory on preparing project technical specifications, design project and project documentation (restaurant construction)
  • Project’s realization field supervision (dedicated manager)
  • Committee for fit check and restaurant’s acceptance – technical and operational parts
  • Advisory on maintenance company, equipment and systems operation
  • Restaurant renewal advisory

Procurements and logistics

  • Suppliers with confirmed prices for partner restaurants
  • Successful cases, quality and HACCP documentation
  • Recommendations on related services contractors (transport, cleaning, premises servicing)
  • Search assistance of individual position contractors

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  • Personnel trainings on the basis of own unique university with a governmental license
  • Opening team that consists of the best employees of our corporate restaurants
  • Discounts on additional professional trainings
  • Online trainings
  • Regular motivational competitions

Operational support

  • Advanced instruments of cost management and productivity
  • Regular valuation of the partner’s business
  • One-stop service for in-line request processing
  • Advisory on legal matters and restaurant’s licensing

Marketing support

  • Advertising support on a federal level
  • Ready instruments on local marketing
  • Quarterly menu updates
  • Access to Honored Guest loyalty program (>1 mln participants)
  • Original GRM system for guest reviews and other applications management

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