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Description of Indoor Advertising on Screen2b Franchise

Screen2B is an advertising and production company which has been in the market for 14 years. The Own chain consists of 6,300 monitors installed in transport and on stationary objects. The chain embraces more than 80 towns and cities in Russia. We have created a technological product which works via Cloud and supports our own software.

We are expanding our business; therefore, we invite you to partnership with us!

No special skills and knowledge are required to start the business. You need just willingness to work with advertisers and choose places for installing screens, the entire technological part is maximally automated and convenient to use.

You will easily manage the chain of 50 monitors and will be able to get a stable income, committing several hours a day to your work.

Places for installing monitors

  • Shops
  • Trading and business centers
  • Fitness clubs
  • Hospitals
  • Cafes
  • Transport stops
  • Public places

The element of up-to-date digital economy for sharing advertising and informational content on multimedia devices instantly. It is a convenient and effective tool for interacting with end users, encouraging them to purchase goods and services.

Franchise Packages

  Standard Business
Number of screens 25 50
Franchise fee $1,989 $1,989
Training and sharing materials for work Package of documents necessary for work, training, presentation materials, etc.
Software support and Internet traffic, in month $9 $9
Royalties 3% 3%
Costs for starting a business $17,770 $33,527

Franchise fee includes

  • A set of video screens with adapters for connection
  • The right to use the registered trademark and licensed software
  • Access to Personal Cabinet for remote management of screens
  • Connection to online reporting for advertisers
  • Business training on Screen2B video screens
  • Training and assistance with finding a place and discussing the terms for rent with a lessor
  • Ready-made sales scripts to attract advertisers
  • Assistance in establishing IE / LLC, selection of codes referring to all-Russian classifier of economic activities
  • Package of contracts with an advertiser and a lessor
  • Video content for screens permanently updated
  • Brand book and layout package
  • Landing with the description of the service, online calculation of the accommodation costs
  • Presentations for lessors and advertisers
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Own Production

Production and technical department are located in Russia. We produce screens of the highest quality which can endure voltage drops and exclude the possibility of fire thereby being a reliable and safe tool for advertising.

Our video screens have a matrix of increased brightness, which is able to work 16 hours 7 days a week, while the picture quality remains bright and distinct.

Unique service for managing work with screens

We have created an environment which allows work with an unlimited number of screens in different locations of the city. We have implemented geotagging, which allows us to show ads only on those screens that are in the closest location to the advertiser.

Our system of distant management of advertising screens is convenient due to many reasons:

  • The system handles the issue with remote arrangement of displays.
  • Intuitively clear interface.
  • Absolutely new mechanism for broadcasting.
  • Easily created advertising campaigns.
  • Perfect adherence to the rules of advertising campaigns.
  • Transparent reporting to advertisers.
  • Automatic filling with information and entertainment content.
  • Simple management of an unlimited number of advertising screens.

The system automatically:

  • Makes broadcasting.
  • Fills it with entertainment and informational content.
  • Makes playlist, strictly following the rules defined by users and advertisers.
  • Makes a report.

Own video production

We support our partners working with Screen2b by providing informational and entertainment content for your screens daily. We have shown thousands of videos and we know what they would like to watch.

“We ensure you that we will provide you with interesting TV content for your screens. Our entertainment videos are copyrighted. We make TV news within a day and they immediately appear on the screens of our partners.”

To become our Partner, you need:


  • To buy equipment
  • To learn from us how to manage the work with screens, installing screens and attracting advertisers
  • Find places for rent
  • Attract advertisers by using our well-established approach
  • Broadcast the videos


  • Makes equipment
  • Assists in registration of business (legal entity)
  • Assists in negotiations with lessors
  • Forwards regional requests from advertisers
  • Gives you the opportunity to take part in federal advertising campaigns
  • Develops Screen2B chain
successful Screen2b franchise business

How much does Screen2b franchise cost?

Screen2b has the franchise fee of up to $1,989, with total initial investment range from $8,294.

Investments for opening advertising business of Screen2b franchise

Initial investment: from $8,294

  • Well established model of starting and doing business
  • 10 screens
  • Licensed software with instructions on how to use it

You will have the whole business package ready to be implemented.

Payback period: from 7 months
Average monthly turnover: from $2,977
Royalties: 3%
Franchise fee: $1,989
Other current expenses: $8 a month for 1 screen, a subscription fee for access to screen management service

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Business Model of Screen2b Franchise

Your income will directly depend on the number of the advertisers you'll attract and screens you'll install. Let's consider two examples of possible chains of 15 or 50 screens.

Chain of 15 screens Chain of 50 screens
10 advertisers
Placing 20-sec video
which costs $26
You receive monthly:
$3,614 $12,038
Monthly expenditure:
$1,794 $7,384
Monthly revenue:
$1,833 $4,654

Maximum number of advertisers for 1 screen is 15 if running 20-sec videos and 30 if showing 10-sec videos.

The price for the video depends on how long it is and how frequently it is shown.
The advertising campaign for each client is calculated automatically by our service.

The main expenses will be paid for the rent of places for screens (from $21 for a screen) and premium for a manager or discount for the advertiser. The expenses may be cut if you sell air for advertisements yourself skillfully.

Screen2b franchise for sale

Screen2b franchise advantages:

Advantages of working with Screen2b:

  • 14 years of experience with DIGITAL SIGNAGE
  • Own production in Russia
  • Registered software and hardware complex
  • Own software
  • Own production department - we showed hundreds of thousands of videos and know what exactly the viewers want to see!
  • Daily news content for screens
  • 24-hour technical support service
  • We are part of a unified system for informing and broadcasting for people in public places
  • Manage 6,300 screens across Russia
Screen2b franchise opportunities

Advantages of Screen2b platform:

  • Transparent reporting system
  • Guaranteed advertising contacts (only real broadcastings are paid)
  • Perfect adherence to the rules for showing advertising content
  • Effective interaction with the audience
  • The possibility of geotargeting (choice of location with potential customers) - local interaction with the audience
  • Wide opportunities for placement of various advertising content
  • Instant management of the advertising campaign (launch of advertising and replacement of the video in 2 minutes)
  • Real-time ad broadcasting statistics
  • The ability to manage a large number of screens (federal companies in many locations)
  • Participation in federal advertising campaigns
Information provided: LLC "Innovationnye sistemy"
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