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Description of LEVITTA franchise instagram store for selling levitating products

Our business is a city Instagram shop for unique gifts. It is an Instagram account for selling levitating products by means of negotiation techniques.

We have sold the first 50 gifts without investing in advertising! Our goods are so stylish and unusual that they made a hit with customers after we'd advertised them. We presented a levitating air pot to two bloggers familiar to us and got 300 subscribers and 25 orders within 3 days.

Doing our own production of the goods, we improved the magnets which provide levitation. Our products are able to levitate for years and much more resistant to loads and deviations from the axis in comparison to foreign analogues.

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Our goods are levitating objects which can be a good present, and a good house or office decor element.

We create amazing levitating plants and lamps as well as any objects made to our customer order or sketch. Our products evoke kind, natural and memorable emotions.

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LEVITTA Product Line

iLLumi FLY Lamps

iLLumi FLY is a lamp which incorporates classical shape and modern technologies. It rotates slowly and radiates a cosy pleasant light, it can withstand up to 22 years.

Levi Plant Levitating Plant

An incredible combination of nature and cutting-edge technologies. The plants are floating in the air, slightly rotating and bring delight and admiration. Just plant your favourite flower and enjoy its beauty.

Custom design

We can create any product to customer order. Our designer will do a layout, and the production department will select the materials.

Corporate gifts

We create any gifts of any complexity and in required quantity.

Your prospective customers are

  • Women and men looking for an unusual present for their spouse
  • Decorators
  • Interior Designers (BC, TC, apartments, office premises)
  • Flower shops
  • Event agencies
  • Wedding agencies
  • Cafe / Restaurants
  • Sports/city event organizers will buy our goods for a prize
  • Corporate clients. Companies who orders big number of products in their brand style.

Why do we need gifts? ...let's recollect how many holidays we have. Besides Birthday, Russian people celebrate more than 211 holidays. The most popular are New Year, Christmas, St. Valentine Day, 23rd of February, Women's Day, Helloween, Professional Holidays, Weddings, Anniversaries and simply visits.

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LEVITTA franchise information

How much does LEVITTA franchise cost?

LEVITTA has the franchise fee of up to $5,000, with total initial investment from $5,000.

LEVITTA showroom package

Initial investments: from $5,000
Payback period: from 3 to 6 months
Average monthly turnover: from $6,080
Royalties: none
Franchise Fee: $5,000

The franchise fee includes:

  • Recommendations given by the franchise founder
  • Instagram account with content
  • Well-established negotiation techniques
  • Methods of goods branding and work with production in your city
  • Discounts for company goods
  • SMM-specialist support in the account promotion
  • Assortment update on the website and in groups
  • Well-established logistics with minimal time and cost of delivery

Depending on what you have, you may need:

  • Opening of a legal entity account
  • Cash Register Equipment
  • Renting some space for a showroom in the shopping center (specify the cost for your city)
  • Furniture and office equipment for the showroom

Marketing fee: $190

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Business model of LEVITTA Instagram store franchise

In our experience, up to 50 sales are made every month.

There are three ways of monetization:

  1. Selling levitating goods
  2. Custom design of goods
  3. Giving goods for rent for an event

Average check is $100 - $140
Margin is 30%
Without the expenses for showroom rent, advertisement and income tax (6%) the net profit of franchisee a month is $1,490

We offer two ways of collaboration:

  1. Instagram sales and outreach service for clients
  2. Showroom in the center with high traffic and on-site sales (good for Pre-New Year time)

Join LEVITTA chain and make money with us!

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Requirements for buying levitta franchise
  • Active lifestyle
  • Optimism and willingness to earn
  • The ability to work with people and production, to present themselves and the goods;
  • The main requirement is your willingness to do the business and remember that “a rolling stone gathers no moss” that is why you need to make efforts to get your profit soon!

Advantages of LEVITTA franchise

Why work with us:

  • 5 years of experience in running the business
  • Own working production in Kazan
  • The city of the partner appears on the general federal website.
  • Lead supply. We provide orders.
  • Instructions for assembling gifts
  • Marketing support (instructions on the promotion in social networks, promotion of the site in the partner's region).
  • Supply of necessary accessories of gifts decoration
  • Fast payback
  • The simplest business

Why are the presents ordered from us!

  • We quickly handle the order and deliver the gift
  • We can devise any design - IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING
  • Unique format, the product which attracts attention
  • Simple but stylish way to decorate an office or event
  • The laws of physics serve advertisers
  • Innovative product

What are the ways for searching clients?

  • The main chain for selling is Instagram
  • Regular presentations of the product to owners of companies
  • Collaboration with bloggers
  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
  • Company foundation year:
  • Own companies:
  • Product line:
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