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Description of franchise of SPEAKUS interpretation  delivery platform

SPEAKUS is a unique solution for remote simultaneous interpretation of events. It was developed by an Irish IT company and operates in Russia for more than 2 years. SPEAKUS served more than 50 events with total audience of 10,000 people, including  Synergy Global Forum 2017. The platform does not require any professional equipment and allows interpreters to operate from cost-effective locations, saving on their transfer and accomodation.

franchise SPEAKUS

SPEAKUS can be used for events of any size and complexity:

  • Conference
  • Forum
  • Summit

  • Appointment
  • Session
  • Meeting

  • Workshop
  • Meetup
  • Webinar
franchise of SPEAKUS simultaneous interpreting service

The advantages of SPEAKUS service

Franchise opportunities - SPEAKUS

Easy to use
There is no need to rent and setup professional equipment

Franchise for Sale - SPEAKUS

Mobility and saving
Interpretation is delivered remotely, interpreters are able to operate from cost-effective locations

Best Franchise to Open - SPEAKUS

Multilingual events
Several interpreters can work simultaneously, providing the possibility to choose the language of translation.

SPEAKUS - Successful Franchise Business

Listener`s device
Listeners receive interpretation to their iOS or Android mobile devices

Start your own business franchise opportunity - SPEAKUS

Speaker`s device
Any portable and desktop devices

SPEAKUS - How to Start a Franchise Business

Connection to the Internet
Recommended speed from 5 Mbps


  • Companies
  • VC funds
  • Conference halls

  • Hotels
  • News and media
  • Technoparks

  • Entertainments and rest
  • Translation companies

We assist in organizing and conducting events

Fastest Growing Franchises - SPEAKUS

Owner of an event venue

We conduct many different events and save on renting the equipment. We can offer simultaneous interpretation for small coworking spaces.

Franchise SPEAKUS - Good franchising ideas

Event agency

We can conference interpretation in the shortest possible time

SPEAKUS. How to Buy a Franchise

Translation agency

Our interpreters can operate from cost-effective locatons and serve distant events. We ensure professional interpretation and high-quality sound.

Our partner will get many requests from event industry professionals / international companies and state organizations.

Once the contact is established we will provide full support and guidance on the technical side.

SPEAKUS - Best Franchises to Own


  • SPEAKUS is a good opportunity for extra income to your business.
  • Office is not required.

How much does SPEAKUS franchise cost?

SPEAKUS has the franchise fee of up to $7,900, with total initial investment from $9,000.

Initial investments: from $9,000

  • Initial payment
  • Laptop
  • Equipment kit
  • Printed materials

Payback period: from 8 months
Average monthly turnover: $5,550
Royalty: none
Franchise fees: $7,900
IT platform

  • Technical support certified interpretation services
  • Lead generation
  • Equipment and sales training
  • Equipment package
  • Connection to CRM system
  • Networking
  • Assistance during the whole period of partnership.

Other current expenses: none

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Events with SPEAKUS

Franchise Information - SPEAKUS
Franchise of SPEAKUS Interpretation Delivery Platform
SPEAKUS Franchise
Franchise opportunities - SPEAKUS

Business model of SPEAKUS franchise

The partner's profit depends on the number of served events. SPEAKUS price depends on the audience size and number of hours of interpretation. You get additional profit by charging money for interpreting services.

An example for a 4 hour-event for 50 listeners:
The customer pays – $160 Х 4 hours = $640.
Event expenses:
Payment for Internet traffic: $80.
Work of the service: $50
Interpreting services: $320
Total: $450
You receive $190 income for one event
One can conduct approximately 8 events a month which means 190 х 8 = $1,520 profit.

Total time spent for an event is 1-2 hours for a meeting with a customer and 4 hours facilitating the event. Our partner needs to do is to find a client, communicate with him and adjust the equipment on the day of the event.

Making money with us is simple and interesting!

SPEAKUS - Successful Franchise Business
We will be happy to see you as our partner if you:
  • Possess the necessary funds
  • Have experience in conference interpreting
  • Have experience in event industry: (e.g. a former or current manager working in the event industry, an employee, manager or owner of a translation agency who is looking for opportunities to increase their client base)

    Advantages of SPEAKUS service franchise

    For our customers:

    • Affordable price
    • Easy equipment setup
    • No need to use professional equipment, audience receive interpretation to their mobile phones, so there are no thefts and breakdowns of equipment.
    • You pay only for working time, there is no need to pay a daily equipment rental
    • Preparaton time is only 1-2 hours
    • Interpreters may operate from cost-effective locations
    advantages of SPEAKUS service franchise

    For listeners:

    • Android or iOS device (download an App)
    • The ability to connect from anywhere in the world
    • High quality audio
    • Multiple language pairs
    • Starting investments from:
    • Company type:
    • Company foundation year:
    • Year of launching the franchise:
    • Owned companies:
    • SPEAKUS audience:
      10 thousand people
    • Units in Australia:
    • Units in Ireland:
    • Units in Russia:
    • Units in Kazakhstan:
    • Units in Ukraine:
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