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DESCRIPTION of the Franchise TOPGUN Barbershop

TOPGUN barbershop chain is the largest chain in Russia and the most intensively growing chain in the world!

Represented in five countries, 50 cities, more than 250 open barbershops, more than 290 signed contracts.

By purchasing a TOPGUN franchise, you get a ready-made business model, support from the management company at each stage, software, special conditions for equipment purchase and men's cosmetics, and regular chain advertising campaigns.

TOPGUN barbershop chain. A real man does not have to prove anything has no one and nothing to prove!

Franchise opportunities - TOPGUN

How much does TOPGUN Barbershop franchise cost?

TOPGUN Barbershop has total initial investment of up to $55,000.

Initial investment: $55,000

  • Franchise fee
  • 4 chairs and sink
  • Repair
  • Cosmetics
  • Consumables
  • 3 months of premises lease

You will get:

  • Proven business model
  • Personal curator
  • Discounts from suppliers
  • Publications on the company’s website
  • Ads in the company’s mobile application
  • Initial shop visualization
  • Brandbook
  • Openbook
  • Business standards and technologies
  • Internal and external documentation
  • Assistance in recruitment process (2 administrators/3 barbers)

Other current payments:

  • Not required

Payback period: 12 - 16 months on average
Turnover per month: $16,000 on average, in 1 year after opening
Royalty: from 1st month - $540 per month (the payment for 12 months upon signing the contract)

Franchise for Sale - TOPGUN

Success story

Four barbershops reached payback in less than a year. Five franchisees launched a second barbershop within six months after the launch of the first. On 1 June 2016, the largest chain’s barbershop (12 chairs) was opened in the Afimall shopping centre in Moscow.

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Business model of topgun barbershop franchise

  • The main source of revenue are haircut services and sale of grooming products.
  • Repeated visits, average transaction amount and number of clients are important factors for steady growth.
  • Standard payback period begins from the fourth month of launching the business.
  • Below are the average performance indicators of the 11th month in business.
  • Number of customers: 700. 
  • Average transaction amount: $24.
  • Revenue: $16,400 dollars.
  • Rate of return: 20 - 25%.

More detailed business model is provided upon request.

Best Franchise to Open - TOPGUN

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Requirements for the premises of men's hairdresser topgun barbershop
  • room size of 50 - 70 sqm
  • ceiling height of at least 3 meters
  • wet point
  • electricity - from 15 kW

Topgun barbershop franchise advantages

  • The scale of the business allows our partners to purchase cosmetics, instruments and equipment on special terms with discounts.
  • We are responsible for the quality and level of competence of all our franchisees barbers. In addition to high quality technical skills training we offer a comprehensive overview of modern hairstyling trends. We have already launched the Barbers’ Professional Academy in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  • We provide ongoing support, including brand building support, for all our franchisees.
  • 72% of clients become our regular customers.
  • TOPGUN barbershops presented in 5 countries, 50 cities, more than 250 open barbershops, more than 290 signed contracts.
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