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DESCRIPTION of the Franchise TOPGUN Barbershop

A barbershop is a territory for men, a place where barbers cut and style hair, trim moustaches, groom beards and enhance the male philosophy style.
According to statistics, there is a need for one barbershop per every 100,000 people. Today, market saturation is only 15%.
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How much does TOPGUN Barbershop franchise cost?

TOPGUN Barbershop has the franchise fee of up to $17,400, with total initial investment of up to $43,000.

Initial investment: $43,300.

  • room rental (3 months)
  • repair
  • furniture
  • sart-up order cosmetics and equipment
  • start-up marketing.

Payback period: up to 18 months.
Turnover per month: average of $17,400 dollars, 1 year after opening.
  • from 1 to 3 months inclusive – vacations
  • from 4 to 6 months inclusive – $173
  • from 7 to 9 months inclusive – $346 
  • from 10 months – 520 dollars.
Franchise fee: $8,700 – $17,400.
  • Business model
  • discounts from suppliers
  • publications on the company’s website 
  • ads in the company’s mobile application
  • initial shop visualization
  • brandbook
  • openbook
  • business standards and technologies
  • internal and external documentation
  • recruitment assistance (2 administrators/3 barbers).
Other current payment: $173.

Monthly marketing fee.Franchise for Sale - TOPGUN


Four barbershops reached payback in less than a year. Five franchisees launched a second barbershop within six months after the launch of the first. On 1 June 2016, the largest chain’s barbershop (12 chairs) was opened in the Afimall shopping centre in Moscow.

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Business model

  • The main source of revenue are haircuts and sale of grooming products.
  • Repeat visits, average transaction amount and number of clients are important factors for steady growth.
  • Standard payback period begins from the fourth month of launching the business.
  • Below are the average performance indicators of the 11th month in business.
  • Number of customers: 700. 
  • Average transaction amount: $26. 
  • Revenue: $18,200 dollars. 
  • Rate of return: 20 - 25%. 
A more detailed business model is provided upon request.

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Size of stores, sales offices
  • 40-70 sqm with hot and cold water;
  • Electric power -10 kW.

Franchise advantages

  • The scale of the business allows to purchase cosmetics, tools and equipment for our partners at special discount prices.
  • We are responsible for the quality and level of competence of all our franchisees’ barbers. In addition to high quality technical skills training we offer a comprehensive overview of modern hairstyling trends. We have already launched the Barbers’ Professional Academy in Moscow and St Petersburg.
  • We provide ongoing support, including brand building support, for all our franchisees.
  • 72% of clients become our regular customers.
  • 3 countries, 35 cities, 137 barbershops, 565 barbers, 3,560 haircuts daily.
  • Barbershop advantages over beauty salons. Exclusively men’s grooming brands. Men’s club atmosphere. Men need a haircut more often than women. Undersaturated market.

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  • Starting investments from:
    43 500 $
  • Company type:
  • Year of company founding
  • Year of launching franchise
  • Franchised companies
  • Owned companies
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