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Description of the franchise street food cafe GIROSmaster

GIROSmaster is a moderate street food format. The basis of the menu is gyros - a popular dish in Europe. This is a modern street cafe concept, a combination of fast food and healthy food.

  • Moderate prices.
  • A diversified menu.
  • Dishes are prepared using professional equipment.
  • Guests see the cooking process.
  • High culture of service.
  • Cozy atmosphere and modern design.
  • Convenient takeaway packaging.

People return to GIROSmaster, because of the taste of products, the format and design of the storefront change people's attitude to street food.

GIROSmaster franchise

Main cafe dish - greek Gyros

Tender pita flatbread, tortilla or pita bread, juicy chicken or pork. There are vegetarian options with vegetables and mushrooms. Gyros can be assembled on your own using the ingredients of your choice (more than 15 components).

Fried potatoes, lots of herbs and spices are added to the mixed vegetables. All this makes the filling more satisfying and juicy.

There are 8 types of sauces to choose from: spicy, mustard, cheese, garlic and others. The piquancy of the dish is given by zaziki - a Mediterranean cold appetizer made of yogurt or sour cream, fresh cucumber and garlic.

franchise street food cafe GIROSmaster

So it turns out a real gyros, one of the most famous dishes, which has gained popularity around the world. This is a masterpiece in the field of fast food - a fragrant, simple and healthy dish for every day.

GIROSmaster recipes are a healthy, tasty and juicy alternative to the usual fast food.
Our menu has only popular positions:

  • Gyros
  • Burgers
  • Pizza
  • Quesadia
  • Chicken nuggets and wings
  • French fries
  • Ice cream
  • Milkshakes
  • Hand-made fruit and berry drinks
  • Hot drinks (tea, coffee, a drink from the rosehip Sheregesh)
GIROSmaster franchise value

Prospects for successful business in large and small cities of Russia

  • Simple business model. You can start without any experience in catering
  • Low initial investments (from $17,000)
  • Launching business in 1–1.5 months
  • A modern format in the field of street food
  • High product demand
  • Help with location selection and foot traffic analytics
  • Author's design of rooms and well-designed style elements
  • Automated accounting system
  • Step-by-step plan for opening a point, selection of suppliers and personnel
  • Business support, training. New items on the menu. Marketing
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GIROSmaster franchise price

Area: from 70 m²

  • Investments: from $34,000
  • Monthly revenue: $15,500
  • Profit per month: $2,200
  • Payback: from 17 months
  • Full menu
  • From 30 seats

First line (drop off window) from 10 months

GIROSmaster franchise terms

Area: from 40 m²

  • Investments: from $17,000
  • Monthly revenue: $9,500
  • Profit for the month: $1,700
  • Payback: from 10 months
  • Abbreviated menu map
  • No seating. Dropoff window. The take and go format

Food court inside shopping center

GIROSmaster franchise reviews

Area: from 30 m²

  • Investments: from $30,000
  • Monthly revenue: $15,000
  • Profit per month: $2,300
  • Payback: from 15 months
  • Full menu map
  • Landing in the common area of the food court


  • Public areas
  • Cultural, historical and business centers
  • Transport junctions, next to the highway
  • Near educational institutions: schools, universities and so on

Our guests are people who lead an active lifestyle, study / work / live near the cafe. With a high pace of life, our guests choose fast-prepared, healthy, tasty food from GIROSmaster.

Good traffic provides revenue of $15,700 per month.

What do we give?

  • A bright brand in the street food market
  • Tried and tested business model, 3 years of successful work
  • Business with a payback of 10 months
  • Simple financial model
  • Debugged business processes
  • Clear instructions and recommendations
  • Valuable experience in catering
  • An experienced mentor to accompany and grow your business
  • An opportunity to receive an exclusive for opening a cafe network of your city and region

With us you save energy, money and time!

buy franchise street food cafe GIROSmaster

GIROSmaster - the flagman project of a large holding

GIROSmaster is an author's project, which implements the best ideas accumulated over 20 years of experience in the field of catering.

Our holding includes:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafe
  • Canteens
  • Shops
  • Entertainment Center; Cinema, bowling and billiards club.
GIROSmaster franchise business


Format of the cafe - pavilion from 70 m²

Investments for opening - $34,000

  • Franchise fee
  • Rental of premises
  • Repair
  • Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Cash register equipment
  • First purchase of products

Turnover per month: from $15,500

Franchise fee $15,000
paid once at the beginning of cooperation.
Royalties 2.5% of revenue
monthly payment for the entire period of cooperation.
Special conditions for first partners To partners who entered into an agreement before 01/01/2021
Franchise fee - $2,700
Royalty - 1.5% for the first year of work.

Payback: from 17 months

GIROSmaster franchise benefits

Franchise fee includes


On the stage of business start-up

  • We will reveal our business concept and development program.
  • We will help with the assessment of the prospects of the place to open.
  • Calculate the financial model for the format and city of the Partner (a typical budget structure for opening).
  • We will give instructions for starting and running a business (business book).
  • We will advise on legal paperwork.
  • We will carry out a consultation on accounting and submit reporting forms.
  • We will take part in the selection of suppliers in the Partner's region.
  • We offer a management structure.
  • We will give recommendations on staff recruitment and staffing.
  • We will carry out internship of employees in one of our establishments

On the stage of construction

  • Recommendations for the design and layout of the room.
  • Recommendations for the installation and operation of equipment.
  • Supervision of the stages of opening a Partner's institution (online).
  • Consultations during repair work and room decoration.


  • Specification for equipment and furniture.
  • Recommendations for equipment suppliers.

Design and marketing

  • Corporate identity and layouts of packaging, uniforms of employees, menu boards, handouts.
  • Recommendations for the design and maintenance of accounts on social networks.


  • Support on operational and administrative matters throughout the duration of the collaboration.
  • Chat on WhatsApp with the founders of the network.


  • Product sheets and instructions.

open street food cafe franchise GIROSmaster

G – Good
I – Interesting
R – Relevant
O – Open
S – Street

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