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About the brand «Greening.Global»

Imagine a business whose product is of interest to 8 billion people worldwide. Its customers include heads of state, government officials, city and town administrations. Interestingly, these customers do not pay for the product; instead, commercial companies, motivated by advertising and tax benefits, are the ones who contribute financially.

Greening.Global Franchise

The franchise is just such a business. Another unique aspect is that we use a remarkable tree for landscaping - Paulownia:

  • It grows 3-5 meters in a year.
  • It absorbs carbon (22 kg) and produces oxygen (6 kg), which is 10 times more than other trees.
  • The leaves are highly beneficial in livestock fodder.
  • Since the flowers remain on the tree for 2 months, it yields 800 kg of honey per hectare in beekeeping.
  • It provides 1 m3 of quality wood in 5 years and regrows rapidly, yielding an additional 1 m3 of wood in the next 5 years after harvest in industrial plantations.
  • It fertilizes oil-contaminated areas and saline soils.

The solution provided is interesting for 8 billion people. Its customers include state and government officials, city and town managers, as well as commercial companies motivated by product payment. With a unique product that grows 3-5 meters in 1 year, minimal office costs, and a team of 2-3 people, it offers a franchise opportunity that can yield around $150,000 per year. Learn more at www.Greening.Global.

Greening.Global Franchise
Greening.Global Franchise (1)
Greening.Global Franchise (2)

  • The team consists of:

    • Director-coordinator
    • Advertising-PR manager
    • Coordinator for work with the government
  • The essence of the main work:

    • The project will be developed and managed by sending ready-made template letters to relevant state institutions and business club associations
    • The supply of trees will be ensured, and logistics will be arranged by the Franchisor.
    • Tree growing consulting services will be provided free of charge by the Franchisor.

Size of area

  • Franchisees are required to establish an office in a central location within business centers, with a floor space ranging from 20 to 40 m².
  • The office setup must adhere to the corporate branding guidelines, ensuring a consistent and professional representation of the franchise within the designated space.
Size of area


  • Franchisee entry: 15,000 USD*
  • Fixed price and bonuses for orders received in global greening:
  • For general imagination of greening by the area(ha) & quantity
Tree Number of orders %Greening hectare Tree price, USD **Franchisee`s bonus
>25 000 ~50 ha1010 %
25 000 – 50 000~ 50-100 ha12 %
50 000 – 250 000~ 100-500 ha15 %
250 000 – 500 000~ 500 - 1000 ha17 %
500 000 <~ 1 000 ha <20 %

Greening.Global Brand Greening.Global Brand (2)

How much does the Greening.Global franchise cost?

Greening.Global has a franchise fee of $15,000, with a total initial investment from $55,000.

Initial Investment: $55,000

Office furniture, equipments etc: 5 000-8 000 USD
One timely Marketing for promotion in country/city: 15 000 USD
Franchisee fee20 000 USD
Rental office: 500 USD x 10 month5 000 USD
Team: 3 person x 700 USD x 10 month 21 000 USD
Other expenes: 5 000 USD

Net-worth Requirement: $31,000
Liquid Cash Requirement: $20,000
Payback period: 6-12 months
Average turnover per month: ~15 000 USD (187 000 USD per year / 12 month)
Royalties: 0
Franchise fees: $15,000

  • the use of the brand,
  • the use of automated systems,
  • access database,
  • development local CRM,
  • team training,
  • landing page website,
  • openning local account in social media
  • development of design layout of store,
  • B2B and B2G business process know-how (templates of official letters etc.)

Other current payments: 7 000 USD
Extraordinary expenses like as business trip etc.

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  • The main responsibility of the franchisee is to conduct coordination (negotiations and overall coordination) as an official representative between state and business organizations in the country or city where the franchisee operates.
  • Coordination tasks will be carried out in accordance with the franchiser's know-how and corporate ready-made model.
  • The average planned planted area and number of trees in the first year of the project for each country or city are as follows:
  • Assuming ~250 hectares or 125,000 trees, the franchisee's income would be $187,000. After deducting overheads ($35,000) from this amount, the annual net profit is $152,000.


  • A sincere love for nature and greening, with a deep understanding of its vital importance.
  • Ambition and a belief in the power of teamwork.
  • A strong conviction that our work goes beyond just planting trees; by making our planet green, we contribute to creating a more livable life for people.

Greening.Global Franchise advantages

  • Having unique Paulownia wood is a great privilege in terms of project recognition in the country/city and customer attraction.
  • Digital marketing (contacts on the main portal, individual landing page, SMM support, CRM, etc.) is provided.
  • Support is offered by a curator at every stage of the work process.
  • Marketing support includes PR, advertising design, visual materials, and mass media support in local environmental events.
  • Participating in international institutions as a country representative of the project provides opportunities for valuable networking.
  • City franchisees have the opportunity to purchase a master franchise across the country without additional payment for the first 3 months of performance. In this case, contracts with other franchisees are not concluded within 3 months.
  • An annual presentation event is organized with the participation of representatives from the public and private sectors, highlighting the successes of the project and supporting the "Hero of Greening" award.
Greening.Global Franchise - Paulownia wood (2)


Since its founding in 2022, has achieved significant milestones:

  • Successfully implementing the first pilot project, "Green Azerbaijan," in collaboration with official government and business partners, continues to expand year by year.
  • Recognition from the World Bank, featuring as an effective greening model on the cover of "ShirinMeva" magazine in Uzbekistan.
  • Nominated for the Ernst & Young "Entrepreneur of the Year" 2023 competition as an effective environmentally-oriented PPP model.
  • Coverage in local media programs on TV, radio, and leading news portals highlighting our unique business model.
  • Jointly organizing a tree-planting initiative with the Heydar Aliyev Foundation - RIIB, the country's most prestigious foundation.
  • Collaborating on social-ecological projects for schoolchildren, including "The Tree That Grows with Us" and "The Eco-Cultural Factor in Modern Society."
  • Remarkable achievements in tree planting: 30000 trees from 50 grams of Paulownia seeds in 2023, 100000 in 2024, 500000 in 2025, and an ambitious goal of planting 1 million trees annually from 2026 onward.
  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
  • Year company was founded:
  • Year of launching franchise:
  • Owned companies:
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