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Home Clean Heroes is a relatively young cleaning franchise. Buzz Franchise Brands launched it in 2017. However, it has quickly established itself on the market as one of the best providers of cleaning services in the USA. Thanks to professionalism and efficiency, the brand has a loyal client base and is now well-recognized throughout the country.

The company offers a wide range of cleaning services, a convenient schedule for customers, and a great team of experts that are aimed at making residents’ life easier and more comfortable. Home Clean Heroes provide an opportunity for homeowners to save time on cleaning and focus on things that matter the most.

The demand for cleaning services is increasing by day, and the industry is booming. Home Clean Heroes is a brilliant choice for franchisees who want to take on an incredible business opportunity with promising financial prospects. The franchisor provides a proven business model, comprehensive training, and ongoing support. Franchisees get the help with a franchise startup and receive customer flow after the grand opening. You have all chances to achieve success by starting a Home Clean Heroes franchise.

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APPEALING Business Features

  • In-demand business
  • High and stable profit
  • Recession-resistant
  • The best technologies
  • A well-recognized powerful brand
  • Help and guidance all the way
  • Rich experience in providing cleaning services
  • The only franchise with Heroes First initiative for first responders


  • Passion in helping other people
  • Management skills
  • Communication skills to ensure positive engagement with clients
  • An ability to lead and manage a team of employees by understanding their needs and motivating
  • A desire to follow a proven business model
  • Goal-oriented and competitive
  • A drive to start own business and achieve success
  • Interest in understanding economic trends
  • Big ambitions
  • Readiness to work under owner-operator or semi-absentee operational model


  1. Introduction. Review the information about Home Clean Heroes on the website and submit an online request form. The brand representatives will get in touch with you and answer all your questions about the franchise opportunities and launching.
  2. Getting acquainted. You’ll get an invitation to a webinar with the brand president in order to get to know each other. You’ll receive more detailed information about the business operation, the company’s plans and ideas, and your role if you decide to take on this opportunity. The brand president will ask you questions about your life, skills, previous experience and so on.
  3. Request for Consideration. If after a webinar you feel like this is the right fit for you, you submit the form that you’ll get from your franchise development representative.Then you will undergo a series of webinars, where you and the franchisor will determine whether it would be a mutually beneficial cooperation.
  4. Franchise agreement application. If you are seriously interested in setting up a Home Clean Heroes franchise after webinars, then it's time to submit the franchise agreement application.
  5. Decision Day. You’ll get to meet the Home Clean Heroes family at corporate headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA and look at the office and company culture. Meet people who are going to be your partners and friends. You’re encouraged to ask questions you may have left and discuss plans for your future franchise.
  6. Sign FDD, submit fees and become a hero. After getting approved for becoming a franchisee, you need to select a territory, pay franchise fees, and undergo operations training. That's all, after completing these steps, you’re fully a hero!



Usually, it takes one person to set up a franchise and manage its operation. This person is a franchisee. They hire staff and control business performance. Later, you can hire a manager and just overlook how things are running, i.e. become a semi-absentee owner.

For a successful provision of cleaning services, you need to hire at least 4 specialists from the start. They’ll be working as a two-person unit. When you ensure smooth operation of a franchise, you can think about expanding personnel.

How much does Home Clean Heroes franchise cost?

Initial investments: $97,924
Required Net Worth: $300,000
Required Liquid Capital: $75,000
Franchise Fee: from $49,500
Royalty: 8%
Marketing Fund: 2%

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Industry Conditions, Advantages & Projections

  • Cleaning services is a $6 billion industry
  • Constant customer flow as cleaning services are in high demand
  • Weather or dependency on the seasons does not influence the cleaning industry, it always thrives
  • There is a steady and invariable profit prospects
  • Affordable costs of setting up a cleaning franchise
  • People perform cleaning services, technology can never substitute them
  • Recession resistant businesses
  • Standard working week


  • People across the country recognise the brand, and the corporate office is always working on new ways to increase its influence.
  • Home Clean Heroes cares about people and it is the only franchise with initiative for first responders called Heroes First.
  • The company cooperates with charity organization Cleaning for a Reason by providing free cleaning services to cancer fighters.
  • The brand does not limit itself in the amount of franchises, everyone is welcome to join the family.
  • The franchisor offers a wide range of marketing solutions that proved to be working effectively in attracting and keeping loyal customers.
  • They train franchisees on hiring and keeping personnel, so the staff turnover is little to none.
  • The franchisor fully supports and guides all franchise owners through the ins and outs of this business. The brand team invests in your success and provides all the tools to help realize your full potential.
  • Home Clean Heroes is owned by Buzz Franchise Brands, a company that has rich experience in setting up successful enterprises.

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