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About “Kake di Hatti” franchise

If you have always dreamt of opening your own restaurant, then the Kake di Hatti franchise might be the right choice for you. Food industry in India is rich and lucrative. And, even though many foreign brands have entered the food market, the Indian population and numerous tourists appreciate authentic and traditional foods. Kake di Hatti is one of the oldest restaurant chains in India. It was established in 1942. And, today it is the leading food brand specializing in the production and sale of stuffed naans.

About Kake di Hatti franchise

Kake di Hatti offers a diverse menu of food items and beverages, but the brand’s specialty is naans. Skilled chefs prepare delicious traditional dishes that are highly appreciated by customers. Friendly atmosphere, tasty menu, and quality customer service are what attracts consumers to Kake di Hatti. Entrepreneurs that seek a low investment opportunity with high profit margin will greatly benefit from joining Kake di Hatti. Learn more information about the franchise opportunity below.

Advantages of the franchise

  • Recruitment support. The parent company helps with hiring and training of the staff required for smooth operation of the Kake di Hatti franchise. It provides trained chefs to each newly opened unit.
  • Marketing support. Kake di Hatti is already widely promoted, and it constantly works on advertising campaigns and leveraging new sources for promotion.
  • Renowned brand. Kake di Hatti has been operating for over 80 years, it has a solid place in the Indian food market and is highly recognized among the population.
  • Authenticity. The brand uses traditional recipes and cooking techniques to ensure that customers have authentic and cultural experience with Indian national dishes.
  • Large customer base. The franchisor already has an established customer base that is familiar with the brand and trusts its quality.
  • Assistance. Entrepreneurs receive help with site selection, unit layout, and daily operations.
  • Low investment. Kake di Hatti is a brand of great magnitude, which strives to attract new partners with great dedication to the cause, so it does not require a high amount of investment for such an opportunity.
Kake di Hatti

Franchise requirements

Kake di Hatti is dedicated to the provision of quality authentic dishes of Northern India. It wants partners who share the same passion and devotion to serving the community. The brand takes pride in its products and standards of customer service. It expects prospective franchisees to maintain quality and good relations with the community. Thus, there are certain financial requirements that entrepreneurs have to meet.

How much does it cost to open the franchise

Kake di Hatti franchise cost is estimated at 43,00,000 rupees. The initial investment includes area development, expenses associated with equipment and supplies, operational costs, hiring staff, and other expenses.

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There is a franchise fee of 14,00,000 rupees plus GST. Kake di Hatti also requires a royalty fee of 7% plus GST from gross sales.

Kake di Hatti Franchise Info: https://kakedihatti.com/franchise/

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