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About Knockouts Haircuts and Grooming franchise

Knockouts is an exceptional and unique business opportunity. The brand was established in 2002, and has successfully established itself in the hair salon market. Nowadays, it has about 400 operating units. Haircuts and grooming services for men have gained enormous popularity over recent years. Everybody wants to feel beautiful, and hair is one of the common forms of self-expression that helps to build healthy self-esteem. Knockouts Haircuts and Grooming franchise offer diversified services, including hair cutting and styling, beard trimming, nail services, different kinds of massages.

Hair treatment and grooming have become a regular process for numerous men, so the demand is off-the-charts. Knockouts Haircuts and Grooming franchise for sale is available for entrepreneurs looking for a promising investment opportunity. It is an excellent chance to enter the increasing hair salon market and help people feel better and more beautiful. All while seizing good profits.

Advantages of the franchise

  • Unique atmosphere that is appreciated by numerous customers
  • Provision of necessary training required for smooth operation
  • Ongoing corporate support system
  • Passive operation of a franchise allows maintaining work/life balance
  • Negotiated deals with suppliers
  • Lower investment in comparison with competing brands
  • Provision of diverse services, which offers several revenue sources
  • Franchisor has over 20 years of business experience
  • Hair services are recession-free, as for modern society it has become a routine activity
  • Fun and creative branding
  • Renowned brand with large customer base
  • Exclusive territories are provided
  • Marketing packages
  • Assistance with selection of location site and designs
  • Operating manuals, handbooks, and guidelines are provided by the franchisor to help you better navigate all business aspects
  • Proven business model
Knockouts Franchise

Franchise requirements

The ideal candidates for Knockouts Haircuts and Grooming would be entrepreneurs who are passionate about providing man’s hair treatment and grooming services. The brand strives to create a comfortable and exceptional atmosphere to perfect customer experience, and potential franchisees should share its desire. The enterprise is supposed to be passively operated, so franchisee’s responsibilities include finding and hiring qualified and professional staff that will take care of your enterprise. Thus, all candidates need to meet financial criteria in order to open and operate their own unit.

Franchise profit

The parent company does not disclose information about potential income in the open access. There would be some financial data in the FDD. However, the exact earnings are not established. As there are a lot of factors that can influence the amount of revenue and, therefore, your income. Such factors include location, professionalism of employees, franchise owner’s own capabilities, and demand in a certain territory.

How much does it cost to open franchise

Knockouts Haircuts and Grooming franchise cost is as follows:

Initial Investment: $140,000-$240,000
Liquid Capital Requirement: $70,000
Net Worth Required: $225,000

Ongoing Fees

A royalty fee of 6% is required to be paid monthly.

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