Nutri-Lawn Franchise

About Nutri-Lawn franchise

Welcome to Nutri-Lawn, where lush lawns and thriving landscapes are not just a result but a testament to the commitment to excellence. Nutri-Lawn is a pioneer in the agronomic industry, dedicated to providing top-notch lawn care that goes beyond aesthetics to create healthy, vibrant outdoor areas.

About Nutri-Lawn franchise

Consider the Nutri-Lawn franchise for sale – where the beauty of tended lawns meets the art of successful entrepreneurship. Join the brand in cultivating green excellence and reaping the rewards of a unit focusing on both business success and environmental stewardship. Welcome to Nutri-Lawn – where every lawn tells a story of thriving beauty.

Advantages of franchise

Proven Business Concept: Enjoy the benefits of a tested model that has cultivated success across various locations. Nutri-Lawn's approach to lawns is not just about grass – it's about cultivating a thriving venture.

Green Excellence Branding: Leverage the perk of working under the Green Excellence brand. Nutri-Lawn's commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable practices sets it apart in the lawn care sector.

Support System: Nutri-Lawn franchise owners receive robust support and training that aids in successfully navigating all aspects of the business, from operations and promotion to ongoing agronomic guidance, ensuring success at every level.

Innovative Technology Integration: Stay ahead with the advantage of innovative technology integration. Nutri-Lawn embraces cutting-edge tools and software to streamline operations and enhance customer experience.

Holistic Lawn Care Services: Offer customers a holistic lawn care experience. Nutri-Lawn's services go beyond mere maintenance, encompassing aspects of soil health, pest control, and personalized care plans for each lawn.

Franchise requirements

Capital: Possessing necessary investment required or setup, and $60,000 liquid capital along with $150,000 net worth is a must.

Agronomic Knowledge: Franchise owners are required to undergo training in agronomic practices, fostering a deep understanding of lawn care and ensuring the delivery of quality services.

Business Management: Possessing strong management abilities is a requirement for Nutri-Lawn franchisees. Effective management ensures the smooth operation and growth of the enterprise.


Franchise profit

The net profit potential of a Nutri-Lawn franchise is a reflection of the brand's excellence in the lawn care segment. As customers witness the transformation of their outdoor spaces, franchisees reap the rewards of a thriving and profitable business.

How much does it cost to open Nutri-Lawn franchise

The total investment of $80,000-$90,000 covers the Nutri-Lawn franchise cost and encompasses various aspects, including unit setup, agronomic education, and operational tools.

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Ongoing Fees

Nutri-Lawn franchise owners get ongoing support, marketing assistance, and access to updated agronomic practices. Continued fees, like 6% royalty, contribute to the continued success of franchise operations, ensuring that each lawn cared for maintains the Nutri-Lawn standard.

Nutri-Lawn Franchise Info:

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  • Corporate address:
    040 Martin Grove Rd #25, Etobicoke, Canada
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