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About the brand «Oodles»

Fresh Ingredients, Theatrical Cooking, Revolutionised Boxed Food!

Oodles is an Eastern-inspired quick-service restaurant, revolutionising boxed food with theatrical live cooking using fresh ingredients. Oodles was founded in 2010, starting with the first store in Leicester followed by the second store in Leicester City Centre, 2014. Over the next four years, we focused on perfecting our menu, recipes, operating procedures, and support systems before venturing into franchising in late 2018.

Currently, we have over 40 stores in the UK, with 20 more in the pipeline, covering England, Scotland, and Wales. Impressively, 80% of our franchisees have reinvested in multiple Oodles franchised stores. Furthermore, 60% of our franchisees own other franchise brands. We have built the brand at the back of collaborative work, where our head office team and franchisees work hand in hand with complete transparency.

Our head office has an experienced team with over 100 years of combined experience in the food and beverage industry and franchise management. Our ambitious goal is to expand further with international presence by 2024 and have a total of 100 stores within the UK by 2025.

Oodles Franchise - food

How does your franchise model work?

Becoming an Oodles franchisee does not necessarily require prior Food & Beverages experience, however having such experience is always helpful.

Our dedicated franchise support team will expertly navigate you through the setup process. This encompasses helping you through the onboarding process, guidance in securing suitable location, handholding in hiring process, planning your grand opening and post opening plans, head office training staff, pre-opening training and much more.

Throughout the process, our head office team will ensure ongoing and consistent communication. A bespoke support plan will equip you with valuable insights to proactively market your business within your territory.

Oodles head office support team remains steadfast beyond establishment. Throughout your franchise tenure, you'll enjoy ongoing peer support and access to essential resources and assets that we are constantly building at the head office.

With several multi-brand franchise operators part of our franchise network, Oodles always encourages aspiring franchisees to contribute to brand growth.

We offer a full turnkey model for the store build-out, providing support in areas such as location finding, layout & design, complete fit-out, head office & pre-opening training, grand opening support, on-going support and audits. In addition to that, a dedicated Franchise Business Manager will work closely with you on a quarterly basis to ensure you meet the set business goals.

At Oodles we offer three franchise store options:

  • Food Court/Kiosk – 300 SQ FT – 600 SQ FT
  • High Street – 600 SQ FT – 800 SQ FT
  • Flagship – 800 SQ FT – 1100 SQ FT
Oodles Franchise - restaurant hall

Who are we looking for

At Oodles, we welcome both individual operator franchisees and those interested in a multi-unit management franchise. We embrace various models as long as they align well with both our franchisees and our brand.

While prior experience in the food and beverage industry is not mandatory, possessing a business background or F&B expertise can be advantageous. If you are already a franchise owner, you'll likely value our brand even more, as our robust support systems set us apart and provide a competitive edge compared to many other franchises.

We are seeking individuals or groups interested in progressing alongside us, displaying a steadfast dedication to long-term business expansion. Ideally, we're searching for candidates who value transparency, adhere to established protocols, and take immense satisfaction in contributing to Oodles' development, fostering a sense of kinship within the Oodles family.

Oodles is on the search for Franchise Partners who have:

  • Exceptional business acumen
  • Ambition to grow
  • The willingness to adhere to processes and procedures
  • Drive to be the best
  • A strong & passionate work ethic
  • A successful track record/business experience
  • Strong management skills
Oodles Franchise - employees
Investing in Oodles Franchising was a great decision. The support from day one has been phenomenal, and the grand opening was a huge success, creating a buzz in the community. Based on what we have seen so far we feel confident about the future. The proactive head office team has been incredibly helpful. Excited to open two more stores soon!
  —  Khalid Ali Khan - Oodles Walsall Franchise Partner (multi-store franchisee)

Training and support

Throughout our journey, we've strived for operational simplicity and efficiency. With over a decade of experience, we've crafted comprehensive systems and a detailed franchise operations manual to help you in your day-to-day tasks. However, we understand that targeted training, customised to your requirements, is pivotal for operational excellence and increased efficiency.

To achieve this, we've carefully organised our training process into three clear stages.

  1. Head Office Training - offers a two-week program at our corporate branches in Leicester. This intensive training equips you with the expertise to navigate day-to-day operations seamlessly. Moreover, we ensure your staff's proficiency in key operational facets, ensuring they are poised to contribute effectively to your new franchised establishment. We do not charge you for the Head Office training and this comes as part of the franchise fee you pay for securing the franchise rights of Oodles.
  2. Pre-opening Training - acknowledges the importance of a successful grand opening. Despite comprehensive Head Office training, the excitement of the event can be overwhelming, especially with a buzzing Grand Opening event that we help create on the opening day! To address this, we offer the reassurance of two crucial team members - our Head Chef and Front of House Manager - who will be by your side during the launch week. Moreover, up to two Head Office personnel will provide unwavering support on the opening day. This preparatory training, similar to the Head Office training, incurs with no additional cost, reflecting our commitment to the success of your flourishing business.
  3. Ongoing Training - our commitment extends beyond the initial stages. With our On-going training support, you'll benefit from periodic visits by dedicated members of our team, with the potential for up to EIGHT Head Office visits annually. These visits encompass a spectrum of pivotal tasks, including business planning, comprehensive audits, and training on new product offerings.
    Like all our support initiatives, these visits are provided without any additional charge, reinforcing our unwavering dedication to your enduring prosperity. At Oodles, your success is our success, and our training and support systems reflect this resolute commitment.
Oodles Franchise - employees (2)
Oodles has established itself as a proven brand with a successful track record, making our investment a promising business venture. With the unwavering support of the Oodles Head Office team, we are well-equipped to thrive in the dynamic Newcastle market. Having previously owned international franchises like Subway and witnessed the best practices, I can confidently say that Oodles has implemented systems and support that are on par with industry standards. This is why I had no hesitation in signing a multi-unit agreement with Oodles. Our decision to invest in Oodles is driven by their innovative concept and comprehensive support, which guarantees us a clear path to success.-
  —  Sharaz Rasul, Oodles Newcastle Franchise Partner (multi-store franchisee)

What is the minimum investment level required?

Financial information

  • Investment:
    • Food Court/Kiosk – Starting from £120,000
    • High Street – Starting from £160,000
    • Flagship – Starting from £200,000
  • Franchise Fee:
    • Initial sign-up fee - £15,000
    • Royalty – 5% of Net Sales
    • National Marketing Contribution – 2% of Net Sales

* Dependent on the location, size and condition of the property
** All prices exclude VAT

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Territories we are looking for

Currently operating from over 40 locations and having an additional 20 in the pipeline across the United Kingdom, there exists a considerable number of unexplored territories perfect for the right franchisee within the UK. Additionally, we are seeking Master Franchisees / Area Developers for international territories such as the Middle East, Asia , USA, Canada and Europe.
To explore these opportunities further, please reach out to our franchise recruitment team or fill out the form below, and we will furnish you with a list of currently available territories.

Oodles Franchise - locations

What are the franchise terms of agreement and renewal?

The initial duration of our franchise agreement spans 10 years, succeeded by subsequent renewal terms of 5 years each.

Why is the Oodles franchise a good investment?

As the saying goes, "the evidence speaks for itself!" A noteworthy 80% of our franchisees manage multiple Oodles stores, all initiated through individual agreements without any obligatory commitments. This fact alone should offer substantial reassurance to potential investors. Such a remarkable achievement is attributed to our exceptional return on investment (ROI) and the unparalleled support we extend to our franchisees. It's worth noting that our typical payback period is a mere 24 months.
By joining us, you're investing in an assertive brand wholly dedicated to your expansion and financial prosperity. We ensure transparency and offer comprehensive assistance, solidifying your decision to partner with us.

As an Oodles franchisee you can look forward to:

  • A highly skilled, management and development team bringing a wealth of support experience
  • An exciting yet simple-to-run QSR brand
  • Aesthetically pleasing and efficient store design and fit-out processes
  • Onboarding assistance with site selection and lease negotiation
  • Extensive initial and ongoing training and development
  • Access to operational systems and proprietary menus
  • Comprehensive operations and training manuals
  • Captivating branding and marketing material
  • A commitment for ongoing support provided throughout your franchise journey
Oodles Franchise
I am delighted to share my journey as a multi-store franchisee with Oodles, and it has been an absolute game-changer. Initially committing to a single franchise store, I quickly recognised the immense potential of the brand, the impressive financial returns, and the exceptional support systems in place. It didn't take long for me to realise that expanding with Oodles was the right decision. The Whitechapel franchise store was my latest store, meeting customers' demands for a concept like Oodles in the area. Encouraged by the success so far, I have already initiated the build-out for my next store in Elephant & Castle. With full trust in the brand and the dedicated team behind it, I wholeheartedly recommend Oodles to anyone seeking an exciting and profitable franchise opportunity for growth.
  —  Mohammed Ayub Khan - Oodles London (multi-store franchisee)

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