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About “Patanjali” franchise

Patanjali was set up in 2006. It has quickly acquired enormous popularity, which has led to the opening of numerous units across all regions of India. Nowadays, there exist over 5000 branded units in the country. The company focuses on the sale of ayurvedic products of the best quality that are highly appreciated by various kinds of demographics. In the modern world, it is extremely important to receive balanced nutrition and necessary vitamins. Therefore, Patanjali gives customers a chance to achieve it.

About “Patanjali” franchise

The Patanjali franchise is a great business path to ensure your future. Brand product line is wide and highly recognized. It is easy and quick to set up a Patanjali store leveraging the help and training delivered by the franchisor. Of course, there exist certain requirements for entrepreneurs. Overall, Patanjali grants you an opportunity to become a part of one of the fastest-increasing brands in India and get financial freedom. The brand presents several franchise packages, including Gramodhyog Nyas, Patanjali Mega Store, Patanjali Chikitsalaya & Arogya Kendra.

Advantages of the franchise

  • Patanjali is a credible and trusted company, which is widely recognized throughout India.
  • The parent company enables all kinds of training programs, so franchisees could easily navigate all business practices.
  • Marketing support is granted to franchise owners and is included in the cost. They will have proper and innovative tools necessary for attracting and retaining consumers.
  • Various manuals and guidelines and a team of experts are at your service, so you could find a good location for your business that meets minimum area requirements and negotiate a deal.
  • Working with such a renowned brand as Patanjali allows you to avoid risks and take a firm business position.
  • Patanjali is a well-established brand that is in good standing with various banks, which makes it possible to get financing for the franchise.
  • Fewer efforts are required for marketing your business with Patanjali. Entrepreneurs will work under a well-recognized name and sell a widely known product line.

Franchise requirements

Anyone who desires to get into the field of ayurvedic products are welcome to join Patanjali network. The organization is looking for new partners to grow and spread its influence. Entrepreneurs that are ready to manage and lead a team of employees and establish good relationships with customers would be great candidates for Patanjali. There also exist certain financial requirements that have to be met. If you feel that you’ll make a good franchise owner for Patanjali, then fill out an application form on the official website.

How much does it cost to open franchise

Patanjali franchise cost may differ depending on the find of the unit you want to establish. There is an initial investment of Rs. 1.

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