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About the brand «Quality Mind Global»

Join the rapidly expanding global mental wellness industry and chart your course towards earning a 6 to 7 figure income within your inaugural year. This opportunity is tailored for high-energy individuals dedicated to aiding others and aspiring to establish a million-dollar laptop business.

Quality Mind Global is a technology platform and intellectual property (IP) company that empowers mental wellness service providers and life and business coaches worldwide. Established in 2018, QMG's guaranteed methodology integrates cutting-edge technology with live group coaching to assist clients in realising their full potential regarding health, happiness, and success.

About the brand «Quality Mind Global»

At Quality Mind Global, we're currently looking for individuals passionate about making a positive impact to join our inspiring team. Whether you seek a fresh and prosperous career path or a current mental wellness, business, life, or sports coach looking to broaden your offerings and increase your income, we're here to help elevate your journey to the next level.

As a Mind Mentor with us, you'll become an integral part of our growing global team. You'll gain access to a comprehensive IIP and technology that includes proven program packages, practical marketing tools, ongoing training and mentoring, and the invaluable opportunity for done-for-you ongoing leads. Moreover, you'll receive unwavering support and guidance from a renowned business coach and become part of our incredible Global Community.

Join us on this exhilarating path, and let us empower you to reach new heights of success in your career.

Quality Mind Global

Size of area

No bricks and mortar. QMG’s is a 100% Online Laptop Business.
Our Head Office is located in Melbourne, Australia and our licensees spread across eight countries.


For a limited time, we're thrilled to offer you an exclusive bonus package valued at $11,970 to jumpstart your business.

This special offer includes:

  • An additional 3-month license bonus (a 25% boost valued at $2,992)
  • Two personalised mentoring sessions with QMG Founder Rich Maloney ($1,000 value)
  • Marketing Kick-start pack: First-month digital marketing setup and coaching with our marketing team ($1,780 value)
  • A bonus QM email address for three years ($500 value)

Terms & conditions apply. Hurry, this offer is available for a limited time only!

How much does the Quality Mind Global franchise cost?

Initial Investment: 11,970 AUD
Payback period: 6-12 weeks
Average turnover per month: 30,000 AUD
Royalties: 10 to 12.5%
Franchise fees - Included in the License Fee

  • Full Rights and Use of the QMG IP, Brand, Sales & Marketing & Technology
  • Unlimited Access to Weekly Live Training Sessions
  • Access to the Training Platform (LMS)
  • Participation in a 24-Week Transform Program
  • Pre Recorded Transform Programs by Rich Maloney
  • Access to the Global Mind Mentor Community
  • Access to the QM App
  • Access to the QM App Backend Dashboard
  • Unlimited Access to Bi-Monthly Mentor Coaching Sessions
  • Unlimited Program Certificates For Your Clients
  • New Client Lead Generation & Markeing Assistance
  • Personal Client Life Potential Scorecard Survey
  • Personal Landing Page
  • Bio on the QMG Website
  • Ability To Merge and Design QM Programs
  • We Train or Deploy a New Mind Mentor To Run Your Programs
  • Life - Transform: 30 Day Challenge
  • Life - Transform 1: 12 Week Program
  • Life - Transform 2: 24 Week Program
  • Life - Traction & Bio-Hack 1: 12 Week Program
  • Life - Traction & Bio-Hack 2: 12 Week Program

Other current payments: $1250 pm done-for-you marketing and ead generation (optional)

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Past Experience Leading Groups of People: Prior experience in leading and managing groups of people is beneficial.

Genuine Passion to Help People Thrive in Life: A sincere and genuine passion for helping individuals thrive in life is crucial for success in this opportunity.

Coaching, Consulting and Wellbeing Industry: Previous experience in the coaching, healing or wellbeing industry will provide valuable knowledge and insights.

Quality Mind Global - coaching


What makes Quality Mind Global stand out from the competition?

Here are some 12 key factors:

Guaranteed Quality and Results: Unlike any other mental wellness company worldwide, we assure quality and results to our licensees and end-user clients, offering everyone peace of mind.

Cutting-edge Technology: Leveraging state-of-the-art technology rooted in Neuro-Science, we offer a unique coaching experience where 60% of the coaching is automated via our mobile phone frontend and backend technology, saving time and maximising efficiency.

Time-efficient Group Coaching: Our live online group coaching sessions are fully systemised and designed to be completed in just one hour per week, providing flexibility and convenience without compromising effectiveness.

Systemised Business Model: Our business is meticulously systemised, ensuring smooth operations and scalability.

Marketing & Lead Generation Support: Through our 3rd party partners, we take care of lead generation for our coaches, providing you with a steady stream of potential clients so they can focus on coaching.

Weekly Online & Live Support: Our coaches receive weekly live support from our team of experts, ensuring they have the guidance and assistance needed for success.

Inspirational Community: By joining Quality Mind Global, you become part of a community of like-minded and inspirational Mind Mentors dedicated to making a huge positive impact and awakening the world.

Flexible License Model: Our coaches can blend their intellectual property and run other businesses while benefiting from our support and resources, offering a unique opportunity to personalise your coaching approach while being part of our established network.

No Territories: As a global B2C and B2B mental wellness and coaching service, we don't restrict our coaches to specific regional territories, giving you the freedom to reach clients worldwide and tap into limitless opportunities.

Laptop Business: Enjoy the flexibility of running your coaching business from anywhere with our online coaching platform. All you need is your laptop allowing you to take vacations or work remotely while still serving your clients effectively.

Funding Available: We've partnered with third-party funding providers to offer monthly funding options, allowing you to access necessary funds and generate a return on investment within 6 weeks of commencing your business.

Globally Recognised Brand: Joining Quality Mind Global means becoming part of a renowned and established brand with a global presence.

Quality Mind Global - coaching (2)


I have made my first 1 Million $ Year as a Coach (2023) - My mind is officially blown... my absolute best financial year in 23 years as a coach flows from the increased intensity and energetic focus. Watch this space. I am on track to have my first 1 Million $ Year“.
    — Bruce Wilson, New Zealand.

I will make my first million this year! (2024) - Joining the Quality Mind Mentor team has been my best business career decision. I love the change I am having on my clients and the new life I am creating for me and my family. Don't hesitate; the systems and business model work!
    — Leigh Stafford, Australia.

Quality Mind Global has truly been a tremendous blessing. It's not only sparked a transformation within me, but it's also deeply enriched my relationship with my wife and significantly amplified my effectiveness with my clients. While I held Tony Robbins in high regard, QMG has taken things to a whole new level! Don't have any doubts – take the leap!
    — Edwin Suwarso, Philippines

  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
    Business & Home Services
  • Year company was founded:
  • Year of launching franchise:
  • Franchised companies:
  • Owned companies:
    Built and Sold – Engage & Grow Global – Exited 2018
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