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Description of Rattan Furniture Manufacturing Franchise AiKO

Franchise enterprise for the production of wicker furniture from ecorattan.

Main customers: 80% - restaurants (summer verandas), hotels, saunas, swimming pools; 20% - retail chains and shops (furniture for cottages).

The main selling points for our furniture are:

  • unique thread with no analogs: predictable high quality production (unlike Chinese)
  • large selection of unique in design pieces of furniture
  • exclusive furniture models for our largest customers.

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Franchise advantages

  1. AiKO is a leading company in the market of wicker furniture in CIS.
  2. Exclusive colors, patterns and textures of rattan thread made in Russia.
  3. No analogs in balancing price and quality all over the world
  4. Free niche, a promising market
  5. Extra charge is more than 100%.
  6. 8 years of experience in ecorattan furniture production
  7. High average check
  8. Unique service in the market and extra income for reweaving old furniture
  9. A real business with fixed assets.
  10. The business is not seasonal: in autumn and winter we receive and produce corporate orders to be delivered in spring to customers, from spring to autumn produce for retail chains and individual orders.
  11. Low dollar dependence because all metal and polymers are from Russia.
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Franchise offer

AiKO company offers to start an ecorattan wicker furniture manufacturing factory.

We will share our valuable experience of being a leader in launching production and selling with you .Therefore, the best restaurants and hotels in your region will become your customers.

AiKO - Successful Franchise Business

Business model

Initial investments in production including lump-sum payment are $132,550.
In approx. 9 months you will start to receive planned turnover.
Planned turnover is $44,180 per month.
Cost price (materials: rattan thread, metal, braces and other) - approx. 26% of turnover.
Payroll fund( without taxes) is approx. 31.68% of turnover.
EBITDA is approx. 39,76%
Profitability is approx. 22,5%.

No royalty payments

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How much does AiKO franchise cost?

AiKO has the franchise fee of up to $51,250, with total initial investment range from $132,550.

Initial investments: from $132,550
Payback period: from 18 months
Turnover per month: $44,180 
Royalties: none
Lump-sum payment: $51,250.   

You will receive:

  • Plan for launching production
  • Work schedule
  • Weaving technology:
    • Training for the director and technical director (in Volzhsky) - two weeks.
    • Training for up to 10 weavers (our specialists arrive at your factory). Training period is two months
    • Sales training
  • Drawings on 30 top models
  • Sales regulations
  • Marketing materials - catalogs
  • Recruiting and selection of a sales manager
  • Exclusive specified territory - optional.
  • The right to use brand AiKO
  • Placement on the website.

Other current expenses: $70,700.

Equipment and materials purchase includes:

  • Pneumatic guns
  • Braces for aluminum and metal
  • Rattan - 5 types of 400 kg each
  • Suction cups and gaskets for windows
  • Special fabrics
  • Equipment for a metalworking workshop (approx. cost - $31,800)
  • Equipment for powder coating - about $7,070
  • Equipment for a weaving workshop(compressors, pipes) - about $3,540
  • Equipment for a sewing workshop - about $2,650 
  • Management accounting software based on 1-C, adapted - $3,540 
  • Materials - different plastic stubs
  • Materials - polyester fabrics with density 390 g/m2.

Recommended to have $17,700 on your account before reaching a break-even point.

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Requirements for buying the franchise
  • Love to work
  • Successful experience in business development.
Franchise format
  • Production: premises from 1000 m²
  • Dealer: a trading room inside a furniture salon or a store from 100 m². The minimum purchase over $31,800. Pronounced seasonality is from April to August.
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