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About Sam the Concrete Man franchise

The brand is the number one contractor specializing in concrete services. Ever since its foundation in 1989, Sam the Concrete Man has established itself as a reliable and qualitative provider of concrete needs. It has over 30 years of experience, and during this time the company has gained an excellent track record and customers’ loyalty.

Sam the Concrete Man franchise focuses on serving residential and business properties. Concrete is something that you want to last and to have quality. There are only experts who are familiar with all aspects of handling such material as concrete that work at franchises.

The company offers an individual approach to all clients. Professionals come to a resident’s property in order to estimate the volume of project and cost of materials and construction. All units ensure high standards of work, they use only sustainable materials for long-lasting effect, and adhere to zoning regulations.

Sam the Concrete Man franchise for sale is available in many territories. If you want to serve the society by providing necessary home and office repair service and get financial freedom, then Sam the Concrete Man is the right opportunity for you.

Advantages of the franchise

  • Ability to be your own boss and have financial freedom
  • Well-established systems and business processes that make operation easier and more convenient
  • The brand provides technical training, so the franchise opportunity available for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds
  • Ongoing guidance and assistance
  • Opportunity to maintain work/life balance, there is no work at nights and weekends
  • Ready-made business tools like technology and software that helps provide efficient and quality customer experience
  • Help with marketing operations and efforts to attract and retain customers
  • An opportunity to work in a billion-dollar industry
Sam the Concrete Man Franchise

Franchise requirements

Sam the Concrete Man’s ideal candidates are people that want to work in the industry and provide quality customer service. Franchisees have to spend a lot of time communicating with clients and offering various solutions to them. Thus, it would be a huge advantage to have good social skills. Franchise owners’ responsibilities also include coordinating the work of contractors, so it is beneficial to have good management and leadership skills. The brand searches for entrepreneurs that are up for following a proven business concept and maintaining high standards set over the last 30 years. Besides, potential buyers should also be financially prepared to cover the costs associated with setting up a franchise.

Franchise profit

Sam the Concrete Man franchise is a profitable venture with lots of possibilities. On average, a franchise owner can expect about $146,000 in profit a year. However, the amount of income differs from one franchised unit to another. There are several factors that form the amount of profit, including the location, franchisee’s own abilities, demographic, and economic climate.

How much does it cost to open a franchise?

Sam the Concrete Man franchise cost consists of a franchise fee, technology, insurance, supplies, fuel, call center, advertising, and so on. The approximate cost and financial requirements are as follows:

Initial Investment: $89,050 - $142,200
Franchise Fee: $64,000
Net Worth Requirement: $50,000
Liquid Cash Requirement: $30,000

Ongoing Fees

Royalty Fee: 6%
Brand Fund: 2%

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