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About Soccer Stars franchise

Are you ready to step into the exhilarating world of youth soccer and run a thriving business? The Soccer Stars franchise offers you more than just a business venture; it's an entire platform dedicated to nurturing the future soccer stars of our generation.

About Soccer Stars franchise

Soccer Stars franchise is on a mission to transform young athletes into champions, both on and off the field. Its commitment goes beyond business; it's about shaping the destiny of soccer prodigies in the making.

This is your opportunity to become part of the Soccer Stars family, where you'll not only find financial success but also the satisfaction of nurturing young talents. Don't let this chance slip away; inquire about the Soccer Stars franchise for sale today! Your journey into the world of youth soccer starts here.

Advantages of franchise

Youth Soccer's Rising Star: Dive into the thriving youth soccer industry, where the passion for the game translates into revenue. The Soccer Stars franchise is your ticket to tap into this exciting market.

Proven Program: Benefit from a proven franchise program that has successfully ignited soccer dreams in kids across the country. Leverage the brand’s experience and expertise as a franchisor to kick-start your journey.

Comprehensive Training: As a Soccer Stars franchisee, you'll receive extensive training to become a top-notch soccer coach. No prior coaching experience? No problem! The brand will equip you with the skills you need.

Support at Every Age: Whether coaching the tiniest tots or mentoring older youth, Soccer Stars provides a comprehensive program that caters to athletes of all ages and experience levels.

Low-Cost Entry: The cost of opening a Soccer Stars franchise is affordable, making it accessible to aspiring business owners. Join the ranks of United Soccer Stars and kick off your franchise journey without breaking the bank.

Franchise requirements

Passion for Soccer: At the heart of every Soccer Stars franchisee is an unwavering passion for soccer. While you don't need to be a professional player, a genuine love for the sport is essential.

Commitment to Youth Development: The Soccer Stars franchise is about more than just soccer skills; it's about nurturing and developing young talent. You should be dedicated to fostering not only their athletic abilities but also their character and sportsmanship.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: As a franchisee, you are the leader of your Soccer Stars unit. An entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to run your own business are vital.

Willingness to Learn: While prior coaching experience is a plus, it's not a strict requirement. Soccer Stars provides comprehensive training to equip you with the necessary coaching skills and knowledge.

Financial Preparedness: Every business venture requires an initial investment, and owning a Soccer Stars franchise is no different. You should have the financial means to cover the startup costs, including franchise fees, equipment, and other essentials.

Soccer Stars

Franchise profit

The revenue potential in youth soccer is promising, and as a Soccer Stars franchisee, you have the opportunity to turn your passion into profit. As you inspire young soccer enthusiasts, provide valuable coaching, and nurture their passion for the sport, you not only contribute to their development but also create a sustainable and profitable business. Join the Soccer Stars franchise and turn your love for soccer into a profitable journey that makes a lasting impact on the next generation of athletes.

How much does it cost to open Soccer Stars franchise

The Soccer Stars franchise cost is reasonable, making it an attractive option for aspiring business owners. For only $72,800 - $105,800 of initial investment, including a franchise fee of $49,500, you can take the first step toward becoming a soccer star in the franchising world. The cost of opening a Soccer Stars franchise is not prohibitive; it's an investment that aligns with your passion for soccer and youth development. The flexibility in facility choices, ongoing support, and a proven business model make it an attractive opportunity for aspiring franchisees.

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Ongoing Fees

Soccer Stars franchise offers ongoing support to ensure your success. As a franchisee, you'll pay a nominal ongoing fee of 8%, which includes access to the corporate support, marketing resources, and a network of fellow franchisees.

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