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About Spiffy Car Wash Franchise

Established in 2014, Spiffy began franchising six years later with the goal of delivering a high-quality customer experience with car care while applying the best technology. As an eco-conscious establishment, Spiffy specializes in providing a variety of services with zero contact, including car wash, detailing and disinfection, tire and oil changes, and many other car-related services.

Thanks to its quality service, eco-friendly attitude, and efficiency, the brand has become very popular throughout the US. Its fun logo featuring a penguin is widely recognized. Today, the company has over 30 units and is striving to open many more. Spiffy Car Wash franchise is a great way to enter a thriving industry and become a proud business owner.

Advantages of a Franchise

  • Ever-growing industry: Car care is a thriving segment that offers many business opportunities.
  • Eco-friendly brand: Spiffy cares about the environment and takes steps to help it.
  • Cutting-edge technology: The company has patented technologies that allow it to offer proper service to clients.
  • Veteran incentive: The brand gives veterans a 10% discount off a lump-sum fee.
  • Beneficial partnerships: The company cooperates with high profile organizations, like Satellite and PRTI.
  • Community-oriented business: The brand cares about the community and strives to assist customers by looking after their car care needs.
  • Rapid Growth Rate: The company began franchising in 2020, and it already has over 30 units.

Franchise Requirements

If you want to join a Spiffy Car Wash family, you have to be financially prepared. There is a franchise fee that you have to cover, so Spiffy requires certain net worth and available liquid capital. Prospective franchisees must also be ready to pay monthly fees, like royalties, and other expenses associated with running a franchise. The company is looking for candidates that share its values and wish to provide quality eco-friendly car care.

How Much Does It Cost to Open a Franchise?

Franchise Fee: $40,000
Initial Investment: $100,000-$200,000
Net Worth Requirement: $250,000
Cash Requirement: $150,000

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Ongoing Fees

Royalty Fee: 7%
Advertising Fee: 2%

Spiffy Franchise Opportunities

Franchise Owner Profit

Unfortunately, the franchisor does not share the information about financial prospects of a Spiffy franchise. However, Spiffy Car Wash rapidly grows and now has numerous units throughout the US, which allows it to say that it is a profitable venture that is clearly in high demand. There is no promise of specific sums, nevertheless, it is possible to make sizable profit.

Spiffy Franchise Info: https://www.getspiffy.com/franchise/

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