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About StretchMed Studios franchise

Within the bustling tapestry of the fitness franchise landscape, StretchMed Studios stands as a testament to innovative simplicity. Born from the vision of pioneering vitality and combating the chronic stillness of contemporary lifestyles, this boutique franchise extends an invitation to experience the transformative power of professional assisted stretching.

As a beacon in the new wave of specialized fitness studios, StretchMed Studios franchise centers around a unique offering: personalized stretch sessions led by expert Stretchologists. This distinctive concept carves a comfortable niche between the high-octane pace of traditional gyms and the serene ambiance of yoga studios. At its core, StretchMed seeks to help clients unlock stiff muscles, enhance mobility, and rejuvenate their physical well-being, promising a tailored stretch experience that caters to individual needs ranging from the corporate executive to the avid runner.

About StretchMed franchise

StretchMed Studios franchise stands as more than a business opportunity; it's a chance to sculpt a new path in the fitness industry, guided by a model that's as responsive to its franchise holders as it is to the consumers that walk through its doors.

Embark on a stretch into success, align with a company on the forefront of fitness innovation, and make a lasting impact on the health and flexibility of your community with StretchMed Studios.

Advantages of franchise

Innovative Fitness Approach: Capitalize on the burgeoning demand for specialized wellness services.

Growth Potential: Leverage a franchise model situated in an industry experiencing exponential increase.

Corporate Support: Benefit from comprehensive corporate guidance in marketing, operations, and client retention strategies.

Community Impact: Create a positive difference by providing services that help reduce stress and mitigate chronic discomfort.

Efficient Investment: Embrace a franchise opportunity that offers a competitive StretchMed Studios franchise cost relative to industry standards.

Turnkey Solution: Access a business concept designed for ease of implementation, from initial setup to day-to-day operations.

Consumer Appeal: Attract a diverse client base seeking innovative solutions to flexibility and fitness.

Exclusive Territories: Operate in a market space with protected territories, allowing for business growth without oversaturation.

Revenue Diversification: Integrate additional revenue streams through memberships, packages, and corporate wellness programs.

Peer Network: Join a community of franchisees to share best practices and foster collective success.

Franchise requirements

Business Acumen: Solid understanding of business operations and management.

Commitment to Excellence: Dedication to providing a high-quality consumer experience.

Fitness Passion: A zeal for health, wellness, and the unique StretchMed concept.

Financial Stability: Meets the financial requirements for investment and sustaining initial operations.

Brand Ambassadorship: Eager to champion the StretchMed name and embody its values.

Customer-Oriented Outlook: Ability to foster meaningful, lasting relationships with clients.

Learning Attitude: Willingness to undergo training and adhere to proven franchise systems.

Community Engagement: Proactive involvement in local marketing and community presence.


How much does it cost to open StretchMed Studios franchise

The StretchMed Studios franchise cost epitomizes a balanced investment in the fitness industry. Prospective franchisees can anticipate the following:

Franchise Fee: An upfront payment that unlocks the licensee's access to the StretchMed brand and proprietary systems. It starts from $15,000.

Initial Investment: An inclusive cost that covers equipment, studio setup, training, and initial marketing efforts to help launch your franchise. It is estimated at $86,659-$182,775.

There are also liquid and net-worth requirements of $100,000 each.

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The 6% royalty fee, which is a percentage of gross revenues; a reinvestment into the continuous support and enhancement of the franchise network. Additional charges may include technology, promotion, support, or training fees, as structured within the franchise agreement. Information regarding them can be requested from the franchisor.

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