«TechProm» Franchise - development, production and design of building systems and related materials

About the brand TechProm

About the brand TechProm

The “Techprom” company has been operating in the market of building systems and materials since 2007 and offers modern technologies for the construction of buildings and structures with high energy efficiency in various climatic conditions.

The “TechProm” company is working on improving and modernizing the technological process in order to obtain the highest quality product:

  1. Provides a system of modern technologies for the construction of buildings and structures with high energy potential under all kinds of climatic conditions.
  2. Constantly develops and implements complex building systems "TECHNOSYSTEM".
  3. Produces building materials "TECHSTANDART" for roofing, flooring, facade, structural protection, hydro- and thermal insulation of foundations, landscaping systems, road construction, etc.

«TechProm» invites you to become a partner on favorable terms! “TechProm” franchise in the b2b segment for representatives of cities with a population of more than 300,000 people. We guarantee training, support at all stages before and after the launch, assistance in finding and working with clients, as well as in selecting and negotiating optimal business solutions.

The advantages of the “TechProm” franchise are that we have ALREADY DONE all the main and most difficult work!

TechProm - building

The main advantage of the TechProm franchise is the comprehensive support provided by the parent company in organizing a business. Great experience, new technologies, expertise and reputation of the company in the industry will help you develop your business while being in the partner network.

  • Centralized lead generation - a guaranteed constant flow of territorial clients from the head office.
  • No need to get a license.
  • Understandable, promising and actively developing niche of the construction business is free.
  • Strong demand for services driven by the global economy.
  • Your task is to communicate correctly / qualitatively with customers and receive and process orders.
  • Training in business process management, sales and closing deals with the maximum check.
  • High profitability, marginality of 24% with a turnover of $830,560 a year gives high profits.
  • Based on the experience of "TechProm" - annual increase in turnover makes 50%.
  • Quick start with minimal investment.
  • No need for a large staff.
  • A nice bonus is a home-office and a flexible schedule!

Franchise Package

What do you get under the “TechProm” franchise:

  1. We find clients in your city and transfer them to you.
  2. We fully undertake the preparation of a commercial offer according to the drawings of the client.
  3. We move to your warehouse in the shortest possible time all the necessary products.
  4. We fully train in sales, business negotiations, CRM.
  5. We transfer all necessary documents and information on materials and systems (ATR, certificates, etc.).
  6. We help develop a marketing plan.
  7. We provide legal and accounting support.
  8. Operational assistance of a technical specialist.
  9. Design department support.
  10. We will hold joint meetings at the first stage.
TechProm - building 2

How much does the TechProm franchise cost?

TechProm has a franchise fee ranges from $8,500.

Starting investments: none
Payback period: up to 6 months
Turnover per year: from $830,560
Royalty: 2.5%
Franchise fees: from $8,500

  • City up to 500,000 people – 8500$.
  • From 500,000 to 1,000,000 people – 16700$.
  • From 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 people – +20000$.

Other current payments: none

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Franchise advantages

  • Due to the construction systems developed and produced by us, we always have the best prices, uniqueness on the market.
  • Designing systems in a short time with proper quality.
  • High quality products, time-tested (15 years on the market).
  • Only certified products.
  • Training in the use of construction systems (more than 1,500 trainees per year).
  • Certification of construction organizations.
  • Today we are presented in 8 cities.

Most of our clients and partners have been working with “TechProm” for more than a year. More than 4,000 regular customers are large corporations and companies with a "name"!

History of success

Ivanik Sergey

General Director
Ivanik Sergey

Nowadays the modern world is changing with the speed of hypersound. That is how the conservative construction market is changing each year, which depends on market need: to build faster and cheaper, but with more quality than yesterday. Our company is implementing daily this view of construction market: “Better, quicker, cheaper”.

Our company values:

  • Openness.
    Always be honest and open in solving problems of both clients and colleagues in the company.
  • Partnership.
    We always build true partnerships with employees and customers.
  • Long term relationship.
    The quality of work of our company ensures respect and devotion of our customers.
  • Innovation.
    Commitment to new technologies is the essence of our work both in internal processes and in work with our customers and partners.
  • Our developments.
  • The solutions and products developed by us change the lives of people and the work of constructors for the better every day. Free workers from hard work, make the world a more comfortable place to live.
  • We do not compromise with conscience.
    We strive to create an atmosphere, where everyone can get the feeling of adventure and joy from working in the company. We do not compromise ethics for the sake of profit. We set “aggressive” ambitious goals and force ourselves to achieve them.

If your views are similar to ours, you are ready to work in a team and develop one big business – “TechProm” is an ideal choice! We are pleased to invite you to our company!

  • Starting investments from:
    On demand
  • Company type:
  • Year company was founded
  • Franchised companies
  • Owned companies
  • Performed turnkey projects
  • Average turnover per month
    from $69,100
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