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About the brand «The Indian Momo»

We make Momos following the hygiene standards, made by trained chefs to make sure it's Tasty and healthy, with no artificial flavors or colors, no Ajinomoto (MSG) used to enhance the taste, made using all-natural ingredients only.

The Indian Momo Company is a Brand that serves Healthy Momos which are made fresh by trained staff using only natural ingredients without the use of any artificial colors or flavors. We do not use Ajinomoto (MSG) to enhance the food taste and the same is achieved by the use of natural flavors. We offer different business models that suit investors' budgets and also provide complete assistance to run the business on a day-to-day basis.


We offer 3 different size options small kiosks 100 to 150 sq ft, medium sizes 200 to 250 sq ft and Big outlets with seating 350 to 450 sq ft.

How much does The Indian Momo franchise cost?

The Indian Momo has a franchise fee of $6,900 per store, with a total initial investment from $27,833.

Initial Investment: The single-store franchisee cost would be USD 27,833.
Franchisee Fee will be USD 6,900 Franchisee Fee, Infrastructure +Signage + AC + License Cost will be *approximately USD 8,301, POS and internet will be approximately USD 1,464, Fit-out and Kitchen equipment will cost approximately USD 7,637, Opening raw Materials will be USD 1168, Marketing and pre-opening cost would be approximately USD 2363. This would not include operational costs such as Rent, Electricity and water charges, Staff Salaries, Monthly raw materials etc.
Payback period: One and a half years
Average turnover per month: $45,000
Royalties: 6%
Franchise fees: $6,900 per store
Other current payments: none

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We offer a 46% Return on Investment.


F & B Background preferred, but if not, we are fine with the FOCO model.


  • Low investment
  • Affordable price
  • Healthy Food
  • Natural Ingredients
  • No use of Artificial colors or flavors
  • Hand Made
  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
  • Year company was founded:
  • Year of launching franchise:
  • Franchised companies:
    We have sold 30 Franchise Stores in India and Master Franchisee for Bangladesh and Nepal
  • Owned companies:
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Franchise characteristics

  • Financing Assistance - Provided.
  • Training provided.
  • Full-time assistance can be provided.
  • Home-based

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