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About the brand «THE PAINTLY STORE»

Dubai's revolutionary concept brand, THE PAINTLY STORE, is redefining the fashion landscape, offering a captivating array of limited edition pieces to fashion enthusiasts who crave individuality and self-expression.

Fashion has always been a powerful means of communicating one's identity and personality. THE PAINTLY STORE understands the deep desire to stand out during events and occasions, and that's why they curate an exclusive collection that promises to captivate and inspire.

Our products are categorized into 4 themes:

  1. The Drop: A Rare edition of only 1 piece per size.
  2. Just 50: Only 50 pieces per size are available for each design in this collection.
  3. Basic: These garments' styles will always be in fashion.
  4. Mini: Limited Edition kid's clothing of 50 pieces per size only.

THE PAINTLY STORE's visionary market concept is primed for explosive global expansion! With an enticing target customer base, our brand captures the hearts of the fashion-forward age group of 25 to 44, constituting a whopping 77.3% of our potential market. Among them, 52.3% are strong, empowered women, and 47.6% are fashion-savvy men, all seeking exclusive limited-edition pieces to elevate their style game.

What sets us apart from the competition is our unmatched uniqueness and innovation. THE PAINTLY STORE stands as a one-of-a-kind venture in the GCC region, defying direct competitors due to the complexity and ingenuity of our distinctive business model.

About the brand «THE PAINTLY STORE»


Our vision is set on revolutionizing the fashion retail landscape by expanding our brand presence to physical retail locations in prestigious shopping malls worldwide, and starting with the first phase across the GCC region with an opportunity for master franchise.

  • Option 1: Kiosk 3x3
  • Option 2: Medium Store 700 sqft
  • Option 3: Big Store 1000 sqft

How much does the franchise cost?

THE PAINTLY STORE has a franchise fee ranges from $10,010, with a total initial investment from $250,323.

Initial Investment: from $250,323
Franchise fees: from $10,010:

Single-unit Franchise Fee:

  • 3X3 Kiosk: 10,010 USD
  • 700 sqft: 15,000 USD
  • 1000 sqft: 20,000 USD

Master Franchise Fee:

  • 3X3 Kiosk: 74184 USD
  • 700 sqft: 367,300 USD
  • 1000 sqft: 99,999.85 USD

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Our selection process:

  • Month 1-2: Initial Inquiry and Exploration
  • Month 2-3: Application and Qualification
  • Month 3-4: Discovery and Due Diligence
  • Month 4-5: Franchise Agreement


Seize the opportunity to be a part of THE PAINTLY STORE's remarkable journey to success! Our finished product boasts an impressive 5-star rating on both our mobile app and Google Map reviews as of October 21, 2023, solidifying our customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Moreover, we've strategically established fulfilment centres in key locations across the globe, including the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, Brazil, Latvia, Japan, and Australia, ensuring swift and efficient delivery to our worldwide clientele.

Witness our thriving online presence with THE PAINTLY STORE!

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    Retail outlet
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