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About U-Haul Franchise

U-HAUL storage and moving company

U-Haul is a company that provides moving and rental services, such as rent of trucks, trailers, storages, and warehouses. The franchise helps other businesses with promotion and attraction of new customers by adding new services to your existing product offering. In return, the U-Haul franchise gets more recognition and a chance to improve their services.

If you decide to join the U-Haul brand, you become a partner or a dealer, and don’t have to pay any franchise or dealer fees. There are no initial costs, and you will see profit right away.

How Much Does It Cost To Open Franchise

U-Haul franchise cost is zero. It doesn’t require any money to start this franchise. There are no costs or financial obligations.

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Ongoing Fees

U-Haul doesn’t have any fees.

Franchise Owner Profit

The size of income depends on many factors. The size of your parking lot and how many trucks can be placed there, the quantity of packages that are shipped. There is no exact number. However, the more trucks you store, and the more packages are shipped, the more cash you earn.

Franchise Requirements

U-Haul partners with independent businesses which locations meet the brand standards. Usually, it is preferable for business offices to have a brick-and-mortar storefront. The brand likes to deal with enterprises that have enough space for placing a minimum of three rental vehicles. You ensure that there is enough space in the storage area and warehouse. As you will need to store some packing and moving materials.

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Advantages Of the Franchise

There are many benefits to partnership with this brand. They are:

  • U-Haul franchise is a no cost venture, no money needed to become a part of the brand
  • Increase of product line, if you team up with U-Haul, you have more to offer
  • The possibility of high profit with commissions from goods shipping from your enterprise
  • U-Haul partners with any business that meets the requirements
  • Read U-Haul news and get in contact with fellow business owners using U-Haul online account center
  • U-Haul offers a Dealer Benefits Program that provides partners with health insurance and other benefits

U-HAUL franchise info: https://www.uhaul.com/

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