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About the brand «WARSTATION»

About the brand «WARSTATION»

WARSTATION - a network of the unique VR arenas, showed the incredible explosive results in the most difficult economic period. The numbers speak for themselves. For six months with minimal costs you will be able to not just recoup costs, but break into an active business and take a confident position in the market.

WARSTATION - business of tomorrow are here today. Open an arena of virtual reality in your city with equipment and games from the manufacturer.

We are not creating an ordinary franchise network, but a full-fledged partnership project. We care about the reputation of the company and the brand, so we accompany each stage of your work and help each of our partners to succeed.

We provide a unique software and equipment for the VR arena, and your players get unique emotions from free movement in the virtual space.

For you:

  • Continuous replenishment of the content base for the team games.
  • A software of our own development
  • Full support - from the financial model for the city to marketing materials to attract customers. You can open under your brand. No lump-sum and royalties. The profit - from 6,500 dollars per month.

SIZE OF arena

The main requirement for the place: for comfortable play, you need a room from 150 m². Your room is smaller? Contact our manager, he will help to find a solution!

Franchise offer

How much does the WARSTATION franchise cost?

Initial Investment: $12,400
Payback period: 6 months
Average turnover per month: $19,630
Royalties: none
Franchise fees: none
Other current payments:

Subscription to WARSTATION PRO:

  • Regular software updates
  • Webinars for the directors
  • Webinars for the staff training
  • Chat with design materials
  • Content for a group on social networks

Cost of subscription: 300 US dollars per month

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We will gladly provide a financial model taking into account the characteristics of your region and city. Just leave a request and we’ll send the materials very soon.


There are no special requirements for partners, the main thing - the desire to grow, develop and make a profit from the business.


Launch of the VR arena will cost you much less than opening a pizzeria, hookah, coffee shop or trampoline center.

  • Minimal risks. You get all necessary and well-developed schemes for starting and promoting your business.
  • Quick Start. You do not have to do long expensive repair and buy a lot of equipment, it is enough to have a laptop/tablet/computer and just glasses with controllers.
  • Quick payback. Business will pay off in 6 months with our marketing support.
  • Profit from the first month. Getting income from the first month of the arena’s existence.
  • Wide target audience. Age range of guests varies from 6 years to infinity. There is no limit to the game possibilities! Customers of all ages and generations will come to you again and again for vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions.
  • Free business. You can open an arena under the brand WARSTATION or under your own brand name.
  • Help of a specialist at all stages of the arena.
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