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WIN Home Inspection Franchise Opportunities

WIN Home Inspection is the #1 ranked and best home inspection franchise for entrepreneurs seeking the personal and financial freedom that comes with building a successful business. This unique franchise opportunity offers entrepreneurs an affordable and innovative way to launch and grow their businesses. WIN’s proven business model requires no storefront and no inventory, and they provide extensive, in-house support services to their franchise owners at no additional cost. For 30 years, WIN has been providing in-house training and certification programs for 35+ essential services as well as end-to-end marketing support to help their franchise owners build lucrative home inspection businesses year-round.

About WIN Home Inspection

WIN Home Inspection is a top-rated and fastest-growing franchise in the recession-resistant, multibillion-dollar home inspection industry. We offer the most comprehensive in-house training and certification program for 35+ essential home inspection services including sewer scope, radon, infrared scan, pool, and drone at no additional cost as well as end-to-end marketing support to help entrepreneurs generate multiple income streams year-round. WIN’s distinct franchise opportunity offers entrepreneurs an affordable and innovative way to launch and scale their businesses, and our proven business model requires no storefront and no inventory.

Here are several reasons why entrepreneurs choose WIN:

  • Multiple Income Streams: Get in-house training and certifications for 35+ essential services.
  • End-to-end Marketing: Helping you expand your client base and grow your business.
  • Largest Support Team: There's always someone to talk to for every aspect of your business.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Innovations to help you stand out and scale your business.
  • Peer Mentorship: Ongoing mentorship in a community built on mutual respect and caring.

Who Are Our Franchise Owners?

Our franchise owners (better known as our Strategic Partners) come from diverse backgrounds including skilled trades, sales, marketing, educators, business owners, veterans, and first responders. Nearly 36% of our franchise owners and first responders and veterans, representing virtually every branch of the military.

Regardless of their unique backgrounds and experiences, our Strategic Partners have a lot in common:

  • They enjoy meeting new people and find satisfaction in helping others.
  • They want to build a thriving home-based business without the burden of storefront and inventory.
  • They are excited to partner with WIN, where they know they can achieve great things with the support they receive along with their own hard work and dedication.
  • The love of learning new skills and growing both personally and professionally

WIN is One of the Best Franchises for Veterans

WIN is proud to be a top-rated, veteran-friendly franchise, with more than 36% of our franchise owners being veterans and first responders- the largest percentage in the industry! To honor and thank veterans and first responders, WIN offers a 20% discount on the initial franchise fee.

WIN Home Inspection franchise

Size of offices

Home Inspection Industry is a highly scalable, and WIN Home Inspection provides the infrastructure, training, and support to help each franchise owner build and grow the business that fits their goals. Each franchise varies on size and structure. Some have no physical space and work from home, while others have offices within their community. Some WIN franchises are a one-person business, while others have expanded to have many employees.

WIN Home Inspection Franchise Offer

We are the fastest growing franchise in the essential home inspection industry, and also the lowest cost. Our initial franchise fee is $20,900. Moreover, WIN Home Inspection offers a 25% discount on the initial franchise fee to veterans and first responders to thank them for their service.

WIN is Recognized as the Fastest Growing Home Inspection Franchise!

WIN Home Inspection has been recognized for its growth and innovation as the October Cover Story by Franchising USA magazine.

These unprecedented times have put a focus on the health and safety of our families and homes like never before. For us at WIN, it has created an even greater sense of urgency to continue supporting our communities nationwide with a critical service that brings peace of mind.

WIN Home Inspection franchise for sale

How much does WIN Home Inspection franchise cost?

The total initial investment to start your WIN Home Inspection business ranges from $42,995 to $57,450. Please refer to the FDD for more information. WIN offers the most comprehensive, in- house support system including training, marketing, and business coaching at no additional cost to franchise owners. Moreover, WIN has the most extensive training platform to help them generate more revenue and grow a lucrative business year-round.

Initial investment: $42,995 - $57,450 (FDD 2023)
Royalty Fee: 7% of Gross Revenue
System Brand Fee/Ad Royalty Fee: 4% of Gross Revenue

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What are the advantages of owning a WIN Home Inspection franchise?

WIN Home Inspection has been the fastest-growing home inspection franchise in the essential and evergreen home inspection industry since 2020.

Here are few of the key advantages of partnering with WIN:

  1. WIN is the only franchise offering in-house training for 35+ essential services, helping franchise owners build a resilient business year-round.
  2. WIN is the only franchise offering an end-to-end marketing platform, helping franchise owners stand out and elevate their brand value.
  3. WIN has the largest support team providing the most comprehensive in-house support for continued growth of its franchise owners.
  4. WIN offers state-of-the-art tools and technology to its franchise owners, allowing them to provide top-rated services to clients.
  5. WIN has the largest peer mentorship network in the industry for franchise owners to take advantage of including group training, ride-alongs, national, and regional events, and community groups.

What training and support does WIN offer to its franchise owners?

WIN offers 400+ hours of virtual, in-person and on-the-job training with ongoing support. WIN has the most extensive in-house support, thereby eliminating additional costs for franchise owners. As such, WIN has the largest support team in the industry comprising trainers, business coaches, marketers and technologists to help them with virtually every aspect of their WIN business.

Training Program Estimated Hours Summary

SubjectHours of Classroom TrainingHours of On-the-Job TrainingTotal Hours

What are the steps to start a franchise with WIN?

WIN strives to make sure its franchise owners love what they do and achieve their personal and professional goals. Here are 6 simple steps for starting a franchise with WIN:

  1. Tell WIN about you: Submit an interest form to kick-off the conversation and share your personal and professional goals.
  2. Learn about WIN’s unique support model: Schedule an intro call with one of WIN’s franchise advocates to learn about the opportunity and see if it’s a mutual fit.
  3. Visualize your path to success: Continue the conversation and learn more about the investments WIN makes and its commitment to the success of its franchise owners.
  4. Review your marketing area: Discuss and finalize your marketing area within your community.
  5. Finalization stage: Review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and complete a routine background and credit check.
  6. Welcome to WIN: Sign the Franchise Agreement, meet WIN’s support team, and begin the onboarding process.
WIN Home Inspection - service

Testimonials from Franchise Owners

“WIN does really good technical and business training. They make sure you have the tools, knowledge, CE credits, ongoing training, and insurance you need. I’m proud to be a part of WIN!”
    -     Randy Manning | WIN Franchise Owner | Georgia

“What sets WIN apart from other franchises in the industry is the family feel. It makes the opportunity very inviting, especially for someone like me who’s making a huge transition in life.”
    -     Matthew Brophy | WIN Franchise Owner | South Carolina

“WIN has supported me every step of the way. They are always just a phone call away and have supported me with many of the initiatives I’ve wanted to try with my business. I can always come to the GO Team with an idea, and they help me run with it.”
    -     Brian Fish | WIN Franchise Owner | Georgia

“When looking into different home inspection franchises, WIN was the most veteran-friendly franchise I’ve come across.”
    -     Brad Shoultes | WIN Strategic Partner | Michigan

“Each year, WIN is offering more and more opportunities for us to grow our business.”
    -     Pete Sutch | Multi-location Franchise Owner | Washington

Information provided: World Inspection Network International LLC
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