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Trends and facts about physical therapy franchise in 2023

In 2023, the landscape of physical therapy franchises has ventured into realms that extend far beyond the physiological, emphasizing not only the treatment of physical conditions but the holistic support of clients in diverse dimensions.

Holistic Healing Hubs: Physical therapy franchises in 2023 now cover a wider spectrum of services, including nutrition counseling, mental health support, and alternative therapies, recognizing that the body's condition is influenced by various interconnected factors.

Adventure Rehabilitation Centers: Adventure rehabilitation centers are emerging, where activities like rock climbing, hiking, and water activity are integrated into the treatment plans.

Capacity Building Programs: Physical therapy franchises are investing in capacity-building programs, focusing not only on treating injuries but also on enhancing the body's capacity for resilience and prevention.

Direct-to-Consumer Therapeutic Tech: Leveraging advancements in technology, physical therapy franchises are introducing direct-to-consumer therapeutic applications.

Post-Accident Recovery Pods: Recognizing the need for immediate support after accidents, some physical therapy franchises are introducing recovery pods strategically placed in high-traffic areas.

Alternative Drug-Free Pain Management: In response to the opioid crisis, physical therapy franchises are prioritizing alternative, drug-free pain management solutions.