Agrotech Space Agrocluster Franchise For Sale

Agrotech Space Agrocluster Franchise Opportunities

Earn regular profit with us on the best innovations in agriculture.

Our company is implementing the first agricultural investment project with the best achievements in the field of plant cultivation.

In addition to the vertical hydroponic greenhouse, it is also planned to build an aquaculture plant, build a production facility for the creation of organic vegetable oils and organic sugar production.

All production facilities will be built using renewable energy sources (100% green project).

Franchise Agrotech Space Agrocluster
  • In the future, we will scale our high-tech and highly profitable production facilities in different countries of the world.
  • For your investments from 1m.$ you get a share in the management company of the holding.
  • The share will be from 5-10% depending on the amount of investment.

Franchise Agrotech Space Agrocluster

Franchise offer

  • Start of investments from $ 500,000
  • You get a share in the management company of the holding
  • You, as an investor, have a priority right to build an agricultural cluster FRANCHISE in your country
  • You will receive a constant return from the work of the entire holding.
  • You become our long-term partner and can purchase our organic products for resale.

How much does the Agrotech Space Agrocluster franchise cost?

Agrotech Space Agrocluster has a average turnover per month ranges from $50,000 to $100,000, with a total initial investment from $1000000,000.

Initial investments: $1 000 000,000
Payback period: 24 months
Royalties: discussing
Franchise fees: $65,000 - $90,000
Other current payments: none

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Agrotech Space Agrocluster Franchise Business Model

  • Scaling of business worldwide.
  • IPO launch

Agrotech Space Agrocluster Franchise Cost
The opportunity and desire to invest in an international holding company.
  • ESG Investment principles
  • The desire to develop our technologies in your country.

Agrotech Space Agrocluster franchise advantages

We always collect the best practices in the field of organic cultivation of vegetables, berries, greens and in other areas (aquaculture, dairy farming, processing technologies)

Maximum automation of production and ecological purity of organic products

Buy Franchise Agrotech Space Agrocluster

We have experience working in those industries that we have improved and are now ready to scale. We have a wonderful plot of land for the development of our production facilities

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