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About Amramp Accessibility franchise

Amramp Accessibility franchise stands at the intersection of architecture, health, and business, serving as a salient solution for those grappling with accessibility challenges. This company is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with mobility constraints by focusing on one primary product – the ramp. From stairs to door thresholds and public spaces, Amramp provides accessibility where it is direly needed, allowing countless individuals to enjoy greater freedom.

At the heart of Amramp Accessibility franchise lies a visionary mission - to create universal, absolute accessibility for all. An industry pioneer in its sector, Amramp revolves around a core ethos of providing accessibility solutions to those in need, ultimately empowering individuals and organizations to transcend physical barriers.

About Amramp Accessibility franchise

The Amramp Accessibility franchise thrives on its unique product offering and comprehensive commitment to address people's needs, reduce barriers, and bring about real change in the world of accessibility. Prospective franchisees stand to gain not just a thriving business, but an opportunity to contribute to a more inclusive society. This elevates Amramp Accessibility franchise for sale, making it an opportunity to invest in a business that truly matters.

Advantages of franchise

1. Cutting-Edge Proprietary Products: Amramp carries a one-of-a-kind product portfolio that features proprietary, patented accessibility solutions. Each product reflects a perfect blend of innovation, quality, and functionality. From modular wheelchair ramps to vertical and inclined lifts, the suite of services ensures that franchisees can offer uniquely tailored accessibility solutions to customers across the spectrum.

2. Low Investment, High Return: The startup costs for an Amramp franchise are comparatively lower than many other franchises. Streamlined operations, high scalability, and a lean business model lead to significant returns on investment. Additionally, with franchisees operating mostly from home, the burden of extensive overhead costs is significantly reduced.

3. Unparalleled Training & Support: Amramp is committed to the success of its franchisees, and that commitment shows in their comprehensive training and support system. It includes everything from sales training to technical guidance, ensuring franchisees possess all they need to thrive. Add to that, the help of a Franchise Partner Coach and support from the corporate office, the franchisees are never alone in their journey.

4. Leading Market Demand: With the aging population and increasing awareness about accessibility rights, the demand for accessibility solutions is in a sustained growth phase. Amramp, being a trusted brand with high-quality products, is perfectly positioned to capture this growing market.

5. Social Impact: Few ventures can offer the satisfaction of making a real, tangible difference in people's lives every day. With each ramp installed, every stairlift positioned, franchisees are directly impacting the lives of people, offering them freedom and independence that they might have thought lost.

6. Exclusive Territories: Amramp strongly believes in providing its franchisees ample room to grow. With exclusive territories, franchisees have the opportunity to dominate their local market without the fear of internal competition.

7. Eco-Friendly Business: Amramp’s flagship product, modular steel wheelchair ramps, are designed to be reusable and recyclable. This sustainable approach resonates well with today's environmentally conscious consumers and places the franchise at the forefront of responsible business practices.

Franchise requirements

Prospective franchisees for the Amramp Accessibility franchise need to meet several requirements:

Financial readiness: While the investment cost varies based on territories, potential franchisees should be prepared for the initial franchise fee, setting up the business, equipment purchase, and miscellaneous expenses associated with initiating the business.

Commitment to the brand’s vision: A successful franchisee will share Amramp’s mission to improve accessibility for all.

Willingness to adhere to guidelines: like any franchise, the franchisee will need to follow the protocols, standards, and practices set out by the company.

Architectural knowledge: Although not mandatory, franchisees with a background in architecture, engineering, or related fields often find it easier to understand and communicate the value of Amramp's products.

Amramp Accessibility

Franchise profit

The profit garnered by each Amramp Accessibility franchise varies, but profits are served from multiple channels – sales of ramps, additional accessibility products, rentals, and continuous service agreements. The synergy of these revenue streams can create a robust yearly profit, depending on the commitment and efforts of the franchisee and the demand within their operating territory.

How much does it cost to open Amramp Accessibility franchise

While investment can vary, the Amramp Accessibility franchise cost typically ranges from $130,785 to $211,345. This amount will cover the franchise fee of $49,250-$98,500, acquisition of ramps and other equipment, trucks for transportation and installation, office setup expenses, staff salaries, insurance, and various miscellaneous costs. There exist liquid cash and net worth requirements, which are $75,000 and $150,000 respectively.

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Ongoing Fees

Once the franchise is operational, franchisees need to budget for ongoing fees:

Royalty Fee: Amramp charges a standard royalty fee, which is a percentage of the gross sales generated by your franchise. The proportion is usually about 3-12% as per the franchise agreement terms.

Advertising Fee: to support the brand's national marketing initiatives, franchisees contribute approximately 1-3% towards the advertising fund.

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