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About Andy OnCall franchise

The Andy OnCall franchise is a distinctive business in the home repair industry that provides invaluable accessibility to reliable, professional, home repair craftsmen to homeowners in different locations. Andy OnCall franchise for sale offers a bevy of opportunities for people seeking to invest in a well-established, time-tested operation.

About Andy OnCall franchise

Becoming an Andy OnCall franchisee is an investment that combines the craft of home repair with the strength of a thriving business model. With its numerous advantages, clear requirements, and reasonable costs, it's a robust opportunity for those looking for a franchise business in the home repair sector.

Advantages of franchise

Brand Name Recognition: Investing in an Andy OnCall franchise means becoming a part of a brand that has been trusted and established for years. Your business benefits from instant recognition and trust from customers right from the start.

Access to Business Model: As a franchisee, you benefit from a proven business model, providing you with a successful roadmap for your operations.

Training and Support: Andy OnCall provides extensive training, detailed operations manual, and ongoing support to ensure that franchise owners are well-equipped to operate their units effectively.

Marketing Support: The franchisor provides powerful marketing and advertising strategies which have been tested and perfected over years of operation.

Franchise requirements

Minimum Net Worth: Potential franchise owners are required to have a minimum net worth before they can open an Andy OnCall franchise. This ensures financial stability in the early stages of the business.

Franchise Fee: The first visible cost is the franchise fee, which is a one-time investment for opening your first unit.

Physical Location: The franchisee should have an office location from where to coordinate and manage their on-call handyman services.

Craftsman Team: The franchisee is expected to have a team of experienced craftsmen ready for their operation.

Andy OnCall

Franchise profit

The profit margin for an Andy OnCall unit could be substantial but fluctuates based on location, scale of operation, expenses, and the number of customers. However, the ability to leverage an established name such as Andy OnCall generally leads to immediate customer trust and a faster route to business expansion and profitability.

How much does it cost to open Andy OnCall franchise

The Andy OnCall franchise cost typically consists of the initial fee, lease of location, initial inventory, marketing costs, and other operating expenses. The startup costs amount to $79,150-$93,150, with a $53,000-$58,000 franchise fee. This cost varies based on the specific location and size of the operation. Prospective franchisees are also required to have $75,000 of liquid capital and a net worth of $250,000.

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Ongoing Fees

Apart from the upfront investment, franchise owners are also anticipated to contribute constant fees encompassing a 5% royalty along with contributions towards promotion. These earmarked funds are channeled by the franchisor to sustain efforts that strengthen brand image and foster a unified customer service experience across all units.

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