AQUAEFFECT Franchise - Unique Water Purification and Disinfection System

About the brand « AQUAEFFECT»

We offer to the market a new kind of service for swimming-pool water disinfection with silver and copper ions, instead of or alongside with traditional chlorination. We suggest our help in setting up a new direction/business in your country for providing services for swimming-pool water disinfection with silver and copper ions with your own equipment.


Subscription pool services - Free installation of professional AQUAEFFECT cleaning equipment. Pool owners pay a monthly subscription fee for regular maintenance by highly competent professionals.

AQUAEFFECT scientific and research company was established in 2012 by a group of practicing scientists headed by Andrei Belyaev - candidate of technical sciences with more than 150 scientific publications (Hirsch index - 6). The main direction of the enterprise is the development and implementation of new technologies in the field of water purification and disinfection.


  • Own developments in the field of water treatment
  • Own production of equipment for Ecological treatment of water with silver ions
  • Professional level of knowledge and training of employees
  • Silver ion basin cleaning system recommended and approved by WHO
  • The unique product to get detached from competitors
  • Service margin exceeds 40%
  • Subscription fees market – profitable for customers


  • Economic
  • Ecological
  • Effective

The efficiency of our business and the growing demand for our services for us is an impetus for scaling. We have chosen for ourselves one of the fastest and most mutually beneficial ways of distribution - building a franchise network internationally

AQUAEFFECT - Our results

Business Investment

To start a business, we recommend purchasing 10 sets of AQUAEFFECT water treatment systems.
10 sets of equipment (priced at $3,300) - $33,000
Logistics Costs - $9,900

Payment equipment1200,0200,0
Business License and Permits1500,0500,0
Equipment (PC, etc.)1500,0500,0
Computer Setup and Annual Database Access1200,0200,0
Additional Funds, 3 Months11 000,01 000,0
TOTAL  2 400,0

Advertising ccompany and promotion - $5,000

Franchise fee - $15,000

TOTAL: $65,000

For the first 3 months of work will require $3,600

Expanses for 3 months of operationQuantityPriceAmount
Professional Fees3900,02 700,0
Outsourcing (accountant)3100,0300,0
Initial Advertising and Grand Previous (3-month period after opening)350,0150,0
Initial Inventory and Operating Supplies (3-month period after opening)3150,0450,0
TOTAL  3 600,0

TOTAL (including the work of the first 3 months) - 68 900 $

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Franchise Fee

Calculation of the franchise fee
CityFranchise fee
Population from 1 mln.25 000
Population from 500 thousand20 000
Population up to 500 thousand15 000

Training & Support Offered

  • Working under the brand name AQUAEFFECT
  • Financial planning of start-up and operations
  • The Schedule for Starting Your Business
  • Starting list of equipment for installation in pools in your region
  • Provide supplies of specialized equipment and consumables of AQUAEFFECT
  • Installation and commissioning rules for equipment
  • Remote control of installation and commissioning works
  • Unique technology of monitoring and control of water disinfection processes AQUAEFFECT
  • Help and advice in business processes: location search, personnel management, pricing, work schedule
  • Consulting on the development of the customer database
  • Business owner training - 1 week based on production and facilities (flight and accommodation at the expense of franchisees) or online
  • Training of Franchisee’s staff in the work, installation and operation of AQUAEFFECT installation based on production and facilities (flight and accommodation at the expense of franchisees) or online
  • Regulations on issues related to the specifics of the operation of the swimming pool where the installation is used
  • AQUAEFFECT Knowledge Base
  • Information about your business on the official website
  • Online support consulting from the AQUEFFECT team

How will you earn?

All calculations are approximate, based on the experience of the AQUA EFFECT Company
Financial numbers will be determined and calculated individually for each partner.

  • The installation of AQUA EFFECT equipment in the client's pool is carried out by your or your hired organization. Is free.
  • Installation and start-up works are carried out in accordance with AQUA EFFECT technologies and standards
  • Monthly equipment service is performed for a monthly subscription fee.
  • 1 technician can service up to 40 swimming pools per month.
  • Subscription fee is approximately $500 (depending on the region)
  • Reaching the planned turnover -6 months
  • In 6 months you will earn: 10 * 500 = 5 000 $ per month.


Professional Fee (1 employee)900,0
Outsourcing (accountant)100,0
Car rent400,0
Other car expenses50,0
Expendable materials per 1 installation115,0
Advertising expenses50,0
Consumables: stationery50,0
Royalty fee5%

Total for 10 installations: $2,920

Planned profit = Income - Expenses = 5,000 - 2,920 = 2,080$

We also recommend spending part of the profit on the purchase of new sets of AQUEFFECT equipment, which will allow you to find new customers and serve more swimmig pools

Royalty 5% - monthly payment

Franchise support after opening:

  • Work under AQUAEFFECT Trademark
  • Checking, diagnosing the work of your business with the issuance of recommendations to improve efficiency
  • Regular training of employees on work standards and technologies
  • Consultations on search for new objects - final selection of the object is agreed with the Franchisor
  • Assistance in solving non-standard situations
  • All-round support from the AQUAEFFECT team

Requirements for franchise buyers:

In our team, we strive to see future and true entrepreneurs who are focused on results. We are looking for people who are ready to invest their energy and efforts in business development, as well as to be rewarded for their achievements.

AQUAEFFECT offers excellent opportunities for those who are not afraid of difficulties and seek to justify the high level of reputation we have achieved. We make sure that your business is successful, so we offer tools and resources to help you attract new customers and develop your customer database.

  • engineering and technical personnel with experience working on water supply systems or with swimming pools
  • having a car
  • availability of tools for installation work

Join us and become part of a team that strives for success and growth


  • Franchise from a manufacturer with no equivalent in the market
  • Business for a healthy lifestyle - the use of silver ions and the elimination of chlorine when cleaning water in pools.
  • Provision of demanded services. Minimum expenses, high margin.
  • 90% of customers stay with us. Most have been working with us for over 5 years.
  • Professional support by the «AQUAEFFECT» team - training, consultations and much more throughout the franchise cooperation
  • Royalty only 5% of turnover
  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
  • Year company was founded:
  • Year of launching franchise:
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