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Description of BITCOIN & BLOCKCHAIN CENTER franchise

"BB-Center" is a unique world level structured product fully meeting any customer’s needs in the cryptoeconomy field, which allows the business to be maximally efficient and high-yielding (up to 1,000% annually and more) with minimal costs.

As experts in various spheres of the cryptomarket, we have been working since 2014 and have accumulated a vast experience and expertise absolutely in all directions, our team members being only market leaders. We offer services in mining, high-yielding investment in 7 directions, ICO as a turnkey solution, trust management, training, both general and advanced, trading, analytics, insider dealing, equipment sales directly from the producers, payment systems and more.

Start building up your wealth right now in the cryptoeconomy industry!

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franchising offer

We offer you an opportunity to become an official exclusive representative of our center in your city in the sphere of training and high-yielding investment in the cryptocurrency market.

major directions of our activities

Development and distribution of educational programs of different levels and in different languages.

Drawing general public’s attention to blockchain application in the fields of people’s activities.

Assistance in fundraising and developing products using the blockchain technology.

Promotion of specialists’ international mobility and arrangement of meetings with them in various countries in such forms as live streams, conferences, workshops and others.

Building infrastructure for specialists’ communication and coordination of all the community members’ activities.

Establishing efficient cooperation among all the community members.

Become a partner of the global company to soar to success in the digital currency market.

There is a way to live better – our company knows the answer!

How much does Bitcoin & Blockchain Center franchise cost?

Bitcoin & Blockchain Center has the franchise fee of up to $4,500, with total initial investment of up to $25,000.

Upfront investment: $25,000.
Payoff period: 3 months.
Average turnover per month: from $16,650.
Royalty: none.
Franchise fee: $4,500.

Building business (both local and international) on a turnkey basis.
Access to the world database of leading experts in cryptoeconomy
- 4 experts on the staff;
- 20 invited experts from all over the world.
Connection to the largest industrial community in Russia.
Training in the cryptoeconomy market
Technology of product handling
Scripts and work materials
Purchase funnel setting: offline, online
Assistance in making deals
Landing page for your city with a configured advertising campaign.

Other current payments: $830 per month.


Franchise main features

$250 million per day – trade volume at one of the exchanges.
Since the beginning of 2017 the Bitcoin rate has risen by 400%.
Bitcoin capitalization – $66 trillion, Ethereum capitalization – $29 trillion.


  • What is ICO
    • ICO is a cryptocurrency equivalent of Initial Public Offering (IPO). ICO organizers (being, as a rule, early stage startups engaged in cryptocurrencies or blockchain) announce that a certain sum of money is being pooled, and after reaching the target figure they issue and proportionally distribute a new cryptocurrency among the investors.
    • The cryptocurrency can later be used as a source of dividends or as goods: tokens are traded at exchanges, which causes fluctuations in their rates.
  • Largest ICO
    • Brave on May 31, 2017 gathered $35 million within 2 minutes
    • Aragon on May 17, 2017 gathered $25 million within 15 minutes
    • Ethereum in August 2014 gathered $18.4 million
    • TokenCard on May 3, 2017 gathered $16.4 million within 30 minutes
  • Highest yielding ICO
    • Stratis within a year its price has risen by 151,082%. The price has risen from $0.007 up to $10.58.
    • Spectrocoin within 9 months its price has risen by 18,707%. The price has risen from $0.001 up to $0.15.
    • Storj within 8 months its price has risen by 11,983%. The price has risen from $0.010 up to $1.2.
    • Golem within 9 months its price has risen by 4,963%. The price has risen from $0.01 up to $0.5.
  • Where to find the ICO list
  • Important
    • Investment in ICO is a very risky business – amid extremely successful deposits there regularly occur ICO failures, and investors either sustain losses or lose their money altogether due to inability to convert tokens into other assets.
franchise Bitcoin Blockchain Center

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Business model

  • Connection to the service for cryptomarket trading analytics, ICO investment, confidential information, cryptocurrency and ICO insides – 20% of investment volume;
  • Connection to club mining – 15% of investment volume;
  • International Investment Cryptocurrency Fund – 50% of investment volume;
  • Purchase funnel on a turnkey basis – 15% (franchise fee).

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Bitcoin & Blockchain Center Franchise

Requirements to buy franchise
  • No less than 3 years of business record;
  • Annual turnover no less than 10 million rubles;
  • Staff: no less than 3 employees.
Requirements to the premises
  • For an event you need a rented floor equipped with a projector and high-speed Internet connection for 50 people;
  • 4 times a month for a period of 3 hours from 7.00 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.
Office facilities
  • To launch a business you need a PC, Internet connection and a floor to hold meetings and events.

Franchise advantages

  • Bitcoin & Blockchain Center - Successful Franchise BusinessComplex product
    • Creating a business on a turnkey basis (including international business)
  • Start your own business franchise opportunity - Bitcoin & Blockchain CenterAccess to the global database of leading cryptoeconomy experts
    • 4 experts on the staff
    • 20 invited experts from all over the world
  • Bitcoin & Blockchain Center - How to Start a Franchise BusinessThe 1st cryptoeconomy franchise in the world
    • We are the 1st franchise company in the world to conclude smart contracts with our franchisee on the blockchain technology basis

Smart contract

It is a computer algorithm to conclude and support contracts within the blockchain technology.

Smart contracts based on cryptography are able to ensure better security than traditional contracts based on law and to reduce costs incurred when concluding contracts, making an accounting statement and paying potential legal costs. In contrast to traditional contracts, smart contracts are free of risks of ambiguous term interpretation or unjust court decisions.

  • Fastest Growing Franchises - Bitcoin & Blockchain CenterMEETINGS WITH the key players of the industry
    • With the Investment Fund President, co-founders of the mining pool, founders and the Executive Officer of the ICO platform.
  • Franchise Bitcoin & Blockchain Center - Good franchising ideasTRAINING
    • Free basic training.
    • Professional training: mining, trading, investment, ICO, training in the basic cryptocurrency trading: how to check ICO and more.
    • Legal fundamentals of security.
  • Bitcoin & Blockchain Center. How to Buy a FranchiseOPENING ICO ON A TURNKEY BASIS
    • Opening ICO on a turnkey basis
    • Making smart contracts professionally for any business
  • Bitcoin & Blockchain Center - Best Franchises to OwnBUYING PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT FOR MINING
    • Buying professional equipment directly from its producers
  • Bitcoin & Blockchain Center FranchiseBUSINESS RELATIONS
    • Fundraising for your ICO
  • Bitcoin & Blockchain Center FranchiseANNUAL PROFITABILITY FROM 50% TO 800%
    • Opportunity to earn, save and augment your capital

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