Carrefour Franchise - Grocery Store Retail Chain

About Carrefour franchise

Carrefour Franchise - Grocery Store Retail Chain

Carrefour is a French retail company. The brand was established in 1957. Since the opening of the first store, the brand has significantly grown, and now it is the biggest retail chain in Europe. Today, it has over 15,000 stores in Europe, Brazil, Argentina, North Africa and Asia. A Carrefour supermarket or a store is something that millions of people have heard about or have shopped there. It offers positive customer experience and a wide range of edible and inedible items.

A Carrefour franchise is a lucrative business opportunity. It specializes in the sale of food and non-food items. The brand has become popular due to the sale of fresh local produce, a wide range of products, and constant sales and discounts. The company cares about its image and provides quality goods and great customer service. Entrepreneurs that want to enter the Carrefour organization have to share the passion for food distribution and quality service. There is a Carrefour franchise for sale in almost every corner of the world available for acquiring and setting up.

Advantages of franchise

  • Renowned brand with millions of loyal customers
  • Different formats of units to choose from, including a convenience store, a supermarket, a hypermarket, and cash and carry stores
  • Training and guidance from the franchisor
  • Successful business concept
  • Ready made business solutions, like technology and software
  • Marketing support
  • A team of experts that helps with the grand opening
  • Well-established logistics and supply chains
Carrefour Franchise

Franchise requirements

Carrefour is in search of ambitious entrepreneurs that are interested in the distribution of food and retail. Candidates with good management and skills associated with customer service would be considered the most desirable. The company is interested in potential franchisees that want to be a part of a renowned retail chain and promote the network.

Franchise profit

The brand does not stipulate how much income a franchisee can expect. The amount of profit usually changes from one format to another. Besides, there are other factors like location and franchisee’s own efforts. Nevertheless, even though there is no information about possible income, bear in mind that Carrefour is a retail chain that generates billions of dollars annually.

How much does it cost to open franchise

The Carrefour franchise cost consists of many elements, like construction, equipment, interior and exterior design, inventory, and supplies, but the approximate amount is as follows:

Initial Investment: $90,000-$280,000
Liquid Capital Requirement: $280,000

Ongoing Fees

Royalty Fee: 5%

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Carrefour Franchise Info:

  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
    Retail outlet
  • Year company was founded:
  • Franchised units worldwide:
  • Corporate address:
    Massy, 93 Av. de Paris, France
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