Dr. Razumenko`s Dental Clinic Franchise

Description of Dr. Razumenko`s Dental Clinic Franchise

Dr. Razumenko`s Dental Clinic are private clinics of a new generation which provide a full range of dental services by using the author`s method!

Our services

Dr. Razumenko's Dental Clinic franchise
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Dr. Razumenko's Dental Clinic franchise to own
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Dr. Razumenko's Dental Clinic franchise fee

Our doctors

Dr. Razumenko`s Dental Clinic employs certified doctors of high category. All medical procedures are performed according to mandatory treatment plan by using innovative certified materials and up-to-date equipment.

Dr. Razumenko's Dental Clinic franchise opportunities

Highly professional dentists with their own author`s methods of treatment and prosthetics of teeth, who got education in Germany and constantly improve their skills in European clinics known internationally, use the latest innovative technologies for effective, gentle and painless dental treatment of our patients.

The doctors of our dentistry successfully restore teeth even in the most difficult cases, accurately choosing the most appropriate treatment approach for each patient considering diagnosis, demands, and budget.

Equipment of the future

We use only the latest generation equipment from the German manufacturer, Sirona, which has all the necessary options for professional dental care.
All our dental rooms are equipped with video cameras and X-ray machines for visual control of the treatment process. Besides, a clinic owns separate X-ray rooms of the latest generation ORTHOPHOS® XG 3d Ready/Ceph CT scanner, which enables 2D orthopantomography, 3D computed tomography and digital radiography, so that each client receives an accurate diagnosis onsite and there is no need to send patients to other institutions for diagnosis.

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«Medicine is more than just a profession for us!»

Razumenko Yevhenii Genadievych

Razumenko Yevhenii Genadievych
The founder, head and the chief doctor of Dr. Razumenko dental clinics chain, a doctor with 20 years of experience.

Our principles of work:

  1. Advanced training for our doctors
  2. Professional retraining
  3. Theme development of treatment approaches
  4. Painless procedures, comfortable conditions, and amazing results are the components of our success!

Franchise of Dr. Razumenko dental clinic is a unique offer on the market of medical franchising.

  • 20 years of experience in the industry
  • Strong, recognizable brand
  • Well-established business processes
  • Successfully operating clinics
  • A team of professionals and like-minded people

Why buying a franchise of dental clinic!?

Healthy teeth suggest that the person is healthy and wealthy; therefore, dental services are always in demand and make up a significant market potential. In addition, people opt for private medical centers as they offer up-to-date medical services of higher quality compared to the majority of free state medical establishments.

Dentistry has been an undisputed leader in the top of commercial medicine since 2010.

The industry doesn't have seasonality and annual growth for a quality aesthetic dentistry makes up 12%.

Join our team and you will easily increase your income without any risks and obtain a successful up-to-date profitable business.

Are you an investor willing to own a profitable business, ambitious doctor aiming to establish a successful clinic or an owner of an operating dental business?

If you are, then we suggest buying our franchise under individual conditions and become an owner or a part of promising profitable business, Dr. Razumenko dental clinics chain!

best franchise to own - Dr. Razumenko's Dental Clinic franchise

We guarantee:

  • Assistance in organising the business (search and preparation of premises, purchase of equipment, paperwork [licencing], staff training and hiring.
  • The right to use the brand name of Dr. Razumenko dental clinic.
  • Detailed business book.
  • Consultation and support at all stages before reaching a payback.
  • Developed marketing strategy.

Franchise offer

Start a reliable business with $45,780 monthly turnover on a stable growing market of dental services.

Approximate area required for the clinic is from 120 sqm:
Doctor's office, dental rooms (orthopedist, surgeon, general practitioner), X-ray room, sterilization room, visitors' hall, two dental labs, a bathroom, and an administrative part.

Total investments: from $350,940

  • Royalty: 5%
  • Franchise fee: $68,670
  • Launch period: 6 months
  • Payback period: 4 years
  • Net profit: 20 - 25% of the turnover
best franchise to invest in - Dr. Razumenko's Dental Clinic franchise

How much does Dr. Razumenko's Dental Clinic franchise cost?

Dr. Razumenko's Dental Clinic has the franchise fee of up to $68,670, with total initial investment from $350,940.

Initial investments: from $350,940

Premises Rent $4,580
Design and repair $65,610
Purchase of equipment Equipment for dental offices $61,040
Furniture and additional equipment $15,260
Furniture for hall and reception $7,630
Equipment for X-ray room $76,300
Salary fund Before opening $4,580
Costs for dental clinic licences $4,580
Advertising and marketing expenses $4,580
Consumables $38,150
Franchise fee $68,670
TOTAL $350,940

Payback period: 48 months
Average monthly turnover: $45,780
Royalty: 5%
Franchise fee $68,670

The franchise fee includes:

  • A recognizable and demanded brand, Dr. Razumenko dental clinic, with 12 years of experience on the market of dental services.
  • Detailed guidance on running the business, operational management, and marketing.
  • Corporate discounts from our partners for equipment, consumables, and repair.
  • Assistance in selecting staff, job descriptions and interview scripts.
  • Training for doctors on communication with clients in accordance with Dr. Razumenko author`s method.
  • Staff training: consulting and educational support before and after the opening of the clinic.
  • Marketing strategy and support.
  • Connecting to the federal website, clients redirection.

Other current expenses: none

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Requirements for buying dr. razumenko dental clinic franchise:
  • Room area from 120 m².
  • Availability of the necessary funds.
  • Investors who want to be either directly or remotely involved in the business.
  • Ambitious doctors, entrepreneurs with experience in dentistry, who want to establish their own cost-effective clinic.
Requirements for dr. razumenko dental clinic premises
  • Ceilings from 2.8 m high
  • Sewage and water supply.
  • Required number of rooms.
  • Location in accordance with the recommendations.
  • Compliance with all fire safety requirements and sanitary (sanitary and epidemiological) norms, windows and enough light.
  • Ventilation and infrastructure for people with disabilities is a plus.

Advantages of Dr. Razumenko clinic franchise

Benefits for clients:

We give 10 years of guarantee on all implant treatment, support the price/quality ratio, and a personal manager provides each client with a high level of service!

Why our clients choose us

Individual approach

Individual approach
Only individual approach to each patient. We use a mix of classical and modern methods of treatment and restoration/reconstruction of the dentition (without orthodontic treatment)

Author`s design

Author`s design
Author's design of dental restorations for each of our patients.

Treating hopeless teeth

Treating "hopeless" teeth
We try to do our best (and sometimes even impossible) to preserve and cure “hopeless” teeth, rather than remove them.

Stylish interior and cosy atmosphere

Stylish interior and cosy atmosphere
Calm instrumental and classical music in the waiting hall will help you relax. And our receptionists will treat you to delicious coffee and a variety of tea.

Careful prosthetics

Careful prosthetics
Our patients are with teeth, even at the stage of prosthetics, because we make temporary crowns or veneers before they get permanent teeth.

Comprehensive approach

Comprehensive approach
A comprehensive and thoughtful approach to making a treatment plan for the patient, both from the medical side and from a financial point of view, with a careful attitude towards dental tissues.

Advantages of our franchise:

1. Business model

  • Proven, well-established business processes (more than 70% of loyal clients)
  • Unique offer on the market of medical franchising
  • Opportunity to start a new or rebrand existing business
  • Low competition in the segment of private elite dentistry with a high demand on the market
  • Successful methods of attracting new clients
  • Immense consulting and marketing support

12 years
On the dentistry market

Up to 10 years
Guarantee on implants

Installed implants

Happy clients

2. Marketing-strong brand and powerful advertising support:

  • Loyal customers reviews and word-of-mouth marketing
  • The best clinic locations
  • Information in catalogues, online maps, and navigators
  • All the capabilities of the Internet resources to promote the chain
  • TV advertising campaigns
  • Active bonus program
Dr. Razumenko's Dental Clinic franchise requirements

3. Experience and the team

  • The team have the experience of more than 20 years in dentistry
  • The company has been successfully operating on the market for 13 years
  • 2 own profitable dentists
  • The team of 30 professionals
  • Constant advanced training and seminars for employees
  • The chief doctor and the head of the company - E.G. Razumenko, the winner of competitions in aesthetic dentistry, the holder of many certificates and diplomas, as well as the author of his own methods of working with patients.
how to get Dr. Razumenko's Dental Clinic franchise

4. Support

We carefully select our partners and are interested in successful, fruitful and long-term relationships for the development of the clinic chain. We supervise each clinic at all the stages of work and support each of our partner.

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