ROBBO CLUB international network of children’s programming and robotics clubs

Description of Franchise Robotics Robboclub

ROBBO CLUB is an international network of educational centers for children from 5 to 15 years old, where they study:

  • open-source programming, open-source programming, nocode programming, Python, Game Development, App Development.;
  • robotics, VR, Internet of Things technologies, creation of own devices;
  • 3D modeling and 3D printing.

More than 150 clubs in 27 countries

  • ROBBO - the multi-discipline training center for kids, won the EdTech Breakthrough Awards in the category of the Next-Gen Schools Solution of the Year, in 2021.
  • Fukuoka StartUp Cup Award (arranged by the Government of Japan)
  • Double winner of Google RISE Awards (Roots in Science and Engineering)
  • «FINLANDING» business contest winners (arranged by the Government of Finland)
ROBBO CLUB – programming class

ROBBO CLUB mission is to prepare children for a high-paid creative IT profession of the future, where every monotonous work will be carried out by robots.

Students obtain skills and knowledges, that help them to become:

  • Robot programmer.
  • Robot service engineer.
  • Robot Developer, Robot Designer.
  • IT developer.
  • Industrial 3D architect.
  • Metaverse Designer, VR/AI specialist.
  • Technology Entrepreneur.

Key message for parents of our students:

Give a child - take the young engineer!

Exceptional features of the Company and the Franchise:

  • A detailed curriculum for a period of 7 years, which is constantly updated by our methodological and author team.
  • Own production - robots, smart home systems and the Internet of things, kits for robots assembling, 3D printers, quadcopters and neuro helmets.
  • All season business model with regular classes during the school year and additional programs during the holidays.
ROBBO CLUB – teacher mentoring

ROBBO CLUB franchise advantages

  • Year-round contant income. ROBBO CLUB has an all season business model - during the academic year you conduct regular classes, during the holidays - workshops and Summer Camps;
  • High LTV (lifetime value) of clients. ROBBO CLUB has a step-by-step curriculum for a period of 7 years for children from 5 years old, and 5 years for children over 8 years old.
  • No software subscription fees. ROBBO CLUB teaching materials are based on the open-source software.
  • High quality teaching methods. ROBBO CLUB helps to select and train teachers, provides hardware and software support.

No business or teaching background needed. Our franchisees are provided with:

  • Personal assistant and start-up manager, who helps you to manage the process of starting a new business;
  • Approbated marketing strategy from ROBBO specialists in the first months after you started the business,
  • High durability of ROBBO equipment and technical support of your employees.
ROBBO CLUB – learning models for students

Franchise offer

  • Franchise fee 13 500 USD
  • Total investments start from 35,000 USD (including Franchise fee)
  • Royalties 390 USD per month, 2 months of royalty-free period

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Business model

  • You will earn by selling subscriptions for regular training at the club, as well as by selling workshops and Summer Camp programs.
  • 100 students - is the average students quantity in a club with one class.
  • 80% of our students transfer to the next academic year with ROBBO CLUB.
  • 40% - is ROBBO Club’ profitability rate.
  • 3 months spends our franchisee to get to a break-even point.
  • 12-18 months is an average payback period.

How much does Robboclub franchise cost?

Terms of purchasing an online school franchise:

Initial investments: $35000

  • Franchise fee: $13 500
  • ROBBO equipment and computers 10 pscs: $12500
  • Premises rental: $2000–$6000 (Depends on country rental conditions)
  • Advertising Campaign on start: $2000–$4000 (Depends on location’s possible advertising channels and market volume in your location)
  • Classroom interior design, TV, and furniture (tables, chairs, sofa, reception zone, etc.): $2000-$4000

Payback period: 12-18 months
Average turnover per month:$8000-$11 000
Royalty:$390 per 100 students
Franchise fee:$13500
Total investment: $32000-$40000

Our partners receive the following:

  • Working under the international robotics brand
  • Brandbook and description of corporate workstandards
  • Unified business accounting and management systems access (CRM system)
  • Personal start up manager for 3 months & regular supervising support
  • Support in location analysis and classroom design
  • Teachers hiring and training support
  • Personal website and customer relations management system
  • Approbated marketing strategy and Marketing specialist support for 2 months
  • Access to detailed and regularly updating curriculum and methodology for 5-15 years old students
  • Methodological, technical and software support on regular base.
ROBBO CLUB – stages of opening a training center

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Success Story

Requirements for buying the franchise
  • Citizenship or Residence permit
  • Legal entity or Individual Entrepreneur status
  • Funds for investments
Requirements for the room and location
  • from 60 to 100 sq.m.
  • Reception area and waiting area for parents from 15-20 sq.m.,
  • Training classes of 30 sq.m.,
  • Utility rooms from 10 sq.m.
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