Franchise NA-BE-GI - children's entertainment centers

Sole entrepreneur Oleg Valerievich Malkin presents the NA-BE-GI franchise.

Franchise Description of Children's Entertainment Center NA-BE-GI

NA-BE-GI - a new game format

NA-BE-GI - a new format of children's entertainment centers for children from 1 year to 12 years. We create a safe space with thoughtful zoning, taking into account the basic gaming needs of the child, unique equipment, and toys.

franchise NA-BE-GI

NA BEGI - philosophy

Free play is what children most like to do. The main point of the game is freedom. This means that the child himself, without an adult, brings into his game everything that he sees in the world around him. The philosophy of NA-BE-GI has developed on the basis of numerous studies and fundamental knowledge about the game of children.

The experience of developing children's entertainment centers and observing the behavior of children in entertainment centers gives us the right to say that we are creating a unique gaming environment that provides the child with freedom of action and the opportunity for a wide variety of games: active and creative, sensory and role-playing.

franchise of the NA-BE-GI children's entertainment center

NA-BE-GI - game designer

Each element of the entertainment center is our own development, which has no analogs. We are creating a transformer - a huge constructor that will allow you to update the game spaces and ensure a constant novelty in the perception of the center.

NA-BE-GI franchise cost

The management company of the children's entertainment center NA-BE-GI has been creating children's centers for 4 years. Our centers of children's entertainment are known throughout the country and abroad.

STRENGTHS of the Management Company

  • All projects created by our team are unique and interesting for children and adults;
  • Own production of all gaming equipment on a turn-key basis;
  • A full production cycle from the development of a project concept to design, installation, and commissioning. We are responsible for each stage of the production process;
  • Extensive project management experience and financial knowledge;
  • Before starting work, we conduct a thorough analysis of the location, we consider the passability of the target audience. Based on the data obtained, we create a concept for a certain age group;
  • In each of our projects an automation system has been introduced that helps to conduct business efficiently;
  • In projects we use only hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and certified materials;
  • Innovative technological solutions, unique concepts, and a sustainable business model allow us to create successful projects for children's entertainment centers.
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Who suits our franchise?

  • Investors, who want to invest in a profitable business.
  • Owners of premises from 100 m², wishing to increase profits.
  • Owners of the operating shopping or entertainment centers.

Franchise offer

Open a franchise of the children's entertainment center NA-BE-GI and start earning from USD 2,800 of net profit per month. Franchise NA-BE-GI is a unique concept based on the fundamental knowledge of children's games, its production of equipment, automated business processes and ready-made marketing solutions.

We are also ready to offer the option of a Master franchise.

Format and concept NA-BE-GI

The NA-BIG-GI concept is a safe and comfortable space for children to play freely.
Placement: shopping center and entertainment centers.
Area: from 80 to 1,000 m².
Ceiling height from 3.5 m².
Compliance with State standards, Construction Standards and Regulations, and sanitary and fire safety standards.

How much does the NA-BE-GI franchise cost?

Initial investment: from $550,000

  • Rent
  • Room repair
  • Design project
  • Playground Equipment
  • Furniture (reception, lockers, wardrobe, tables, cabinets)
  • Consumables
  • Marketing expenses for the opening of the center
  • Franchise fee

Payback period: 36 months
Average monthly turnover: $8,000
Other current payments: none

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reviews of the NA-BE-GI franchise
Requirements for buyers of na-be-gi franchise
  • Availability of necessary cash.
  • Property ownership is welcome.
Room requirements
  • Area from 80 - 1000 m².
  • Location in the shopping mall or entertainment center with good traffic of the target audience.

Advantages of the NA-BE-GI franchise

  • Franchise from the creators of successful projects
  • Unique NA-BE-GI concept;
  • An individual approach to the creation of each project:
    • Market analysis for the territory of the partner;
    • Concept development for a specific age group;
    • Individual design –project;
    • Creation of equipment for the gaming center of the partner on a turn-key basis;
    • An opportunity to complete elements of the gaming equipment;
    • Installation and supervision of equipment on site;
    • Author's supervision;
    • Our projects are not affected by the dollar.
  • Sustainable business model. Profitability 30 - 40%;
  • Quick start;
  • Startup support and training in all business processes;
  • Marketing support.

In our company, there are opportunities to implement and manage projects without relying on third-party companies.

Integrated cycle:

  1. Concept development
  2. Design
  3. Manufacture of non-standard equipment
  4. Management of Children’s Center since 2016
  5. Development of guidance materials for Children’s Center

How a concept is formed or on what the concept is based:

  • Innovative concept development based on research and child Free Game Study
  • the basis of the concept, not only entertainment in the game, but also the development and education of children
  • In the concept important form and content, where FORM, is stylistic and aesthetic modern design (taking into account children’s psychological perception, light, color), a Content is the functional formation of the playing space.
    From these components, the proper zoning of the space for different Age groups: 1-3; 4;-6; 7-12 years. Basic game needs for each age group The territory of the 'Closed Type' Centre, where the child will not be able to leave the Centre alone. (only when accompanied by a parent)
  • automation system allows parents (remotely), in real time, Monitor your child in the Children’s Center by telephone The automation system displays on the phone the length of time the child spent.

How to maintain and develop interest to Children’s Center:

  1. Site transformation/transformation
  2. Cross marketing with clubs in child industry development and training
  3. Lectures by specialists in the field of child-rearing for parents on the territory of the children’s center
  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
    Entertainment centre
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