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Cone Cream is a sweet business which brings a good mood!
We have changed a simple purchase of ice-cream into a bright experience.
Vibrant colors, amazing presentation and friendly service together with tasty natural ingredients captivate the customers and make them come back.
Cone Cream is not only a business for selling ice-cream, every purchase is a small event. For this year we have sold 28 tons of ice cream, conducted 87 events, and acquired more than 10,000 new friends who like the taste and service of Cone Cream.

Franchise for Sale - Cone Creamg

We are ready to accept in Cone Cream family, everyone who is open to everything new, likes to give happiness and wants to earn money with pleasure and joy.

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Cone Cream has two lines of brand ice cream production:
Craft ice-cream made of natural ingredients such as selected milk, fruit, nuts, and seeds is liked by sweet-tooths as well as by people who keep to proper nutrition, and vegans.

Party-line is the production of alcohol ice-cream by using the receipts of favorite popular cocktails, made from high-quality drinks of famous brands.

Cone Cream is a pleasure and joy for both kids and adults.

Cone Cream Franchise Offer

We encourage you to start your own business for selling modern Cone Cream ice-cream.

Format: street outlet, from 6 м2, either mobile or stationary.
To start a business, make a lump sum payment which includes:

  • A training for ice cream production technological processes;
  • training for Cone Cream unique client service;
  • the right to use the popular bright brand;
  • marketing support and social media management;
  • stylish layout design of the outlet for selling ice-cream.

How much does Cone Cream franchise cost?

Cone Cream has the franchise fee of up to $4,000, with total initial investment from $6,900.

Initial investments: from $6,900
Payback period: from 6 months
Average monthly turnover: from $5,620
Royalty: none
Franchise fee: $4,010
Other current expenses: none

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The Business Model of Cone Cream Franchise

Our partner makes money by selling unique Cone Cream ice-cream and organizing events and parties!

Initial investments in buying equipment and decorating the place for selling ice-cream
Rental – $1,610;
Average monthly turnover: from $7,380;
Average number of sales per month: from 1800 checks
Net income: from $1,290;
Payback period from 7 months

Requirements for buying a franchise Cone Cream:
  • Interest in style, fashion, and modern trends
  • Entrepreneurial talent
  • Customer focus
Shop format:
  • Street format from 6 м2;
  • Location in the passageway, popular among children and youth;
  • The stylish design of the outlet is done in accordance with the guidelines.

Cone Cream Franchise Advantages

Handmade ice-cream with bright flavors

  • 100% natural organic ingredients;
  • Non-factory and craft production;
  • Wide coverage of audience: children, adults, people with healthy eating habits, vegans;
  • Alcoholic line; the tastes of favorite cocktails;
  • A unique form-factor; bright cones and ice cream burgers;
  • 24 unique tastes for real gourmets

The ice cream sells itself!

  • Photogenic presentation; Cone Cream immediately gets into photo reports!
  • Brand fashion style; stylish ice cream for stylish people;
  • Convenient location - we are where we needed to be;
  • Instagram is the main channel for brand promotion;
  • We are recommended by media personalities - Irena Ponaroshku, Sergey Zverev and others who have already become fans of the brand!
  • Regular publications in the media
  • Powerful Internet Marketing

A team of like-minded people with many years of experience!

  • A consistent growth rate of 10% yearly
  • Own successful enterprises in Moscow
  • Own production line in the latest Foodtech trends
  • The flavor line, which follows current trends and pop culture features
  • 7.3 billion ice cream consumption market.

We will show you how to make the sale of ice cream a stylish, lucrative and attractive business!

  • Starting investments from:
    6 900 $
  • Year the company was founded:
  • Year of launching the franchise:
  • Ice-cream flavors:
  • Own companies:
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Information provided: LLC "KON KRIM"
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