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Gemotest is a well-known brand with many years of history trusted both by patients and the medical community. The technology behind Gemotest Laboratory allows for more than 55 million tests annually ranging from standard examinations to diagnostics of orphan diseases. In the surging and highly competitive market of medical services, Gemotest holds a strong leading position in development and implementation of the world’s laboratory diagnostics technologies in Russia.

  • According to RBC annual ranking, Gemotest is the fastest growing company in the franchising market.
  • Gemotest Laboratory is the brand no. 1 in Russia.

The laboratory diagnostics business is made up of two main parts – a laboratory with a centralized technological facility intended for examinations and a network of laboratory departments (biomaterial sampling stations) patients are visiting. The franchiser provides qualitative laboratory diagnostics, consumables for biomaterial sampling and a wide range of marketing materials for the laboratory department. Gemotest develops a logistics scheme and common medical standards and provides a 24/7 information support to every patient.
The Gemotest brand is a smoothly running business and many years of experience in franchise development.

Five steps to success:
Search for premises –> Equipment of premises –> Mini MBA for executive –> Documents and licenses

Franchise of Gemotest Laboratory

Investment calculations
Financial plan development, budgeting. Purchasing a stable and reliable franchise allows for optimal investment allocation and fairly quick return of investments.

Gemotest will help you choose a location, recruit and train staff with the franchisee fully immersed in technologies and ins and outs of doing business and will provide marketing, advertising and organizational support.

Free training at the Franchisee School on business fundamentals, medical standards, asset management, marketing, financial and legal aspects of Gemotest’s business. The franchisee becomes a part of the reliable and successful business.

Integrated regional and federal brand promotion, laboratory test promotion amid population.

Impeccable reputation of the Gemotest brand, trust of patients, professionalism of the medical staff, high technology examination methods, multilevel quality control, innovative business solutions and unfailing support guarantee Gemotest partners financial strength, appealing prospects and achievement of high-profile objectives.
Gemotest Laboratory offers an acclaimed franchise dominating popular rankings and contests and winning most prestigious world and Russian awards. Unique technologies and a successful business model make Gemotest franchise appealing to many entrepreneurs.

Franchise opportunities - Gemotest

How much does Gemotest franchise cost?

Gemotest has the franchise fee of up to $5,000, with total initial investment from $12,000.

Initial investments: from $12,000

Describe in detail what franchisee spends on acquiring a franchise (room rental, sum for the goods, lump-sum payment, etc.)

Payback period: 18 months
Royalties: 2%
Franchise fees: $5,000 based on franchise terms and conditions

  • Free advice on selection of premises
  • Free advice on signing a rental agreement
  • Free breakdown of the future LD
  • Free advertising passport development
  • Free media plan development
  • Free staff training
  • Free LD management training for general directors
  • Customer management and professional support by Gemotest’s team of professionals

Other current payments: none

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Requirements to buy the franchise
  • Commitment to long-term cooperation.
  • Readiness to maintain corporate culture.
  • Premises fit for a laboratory department fully owned or rented for a long term.
What we expect of you:
  • Responsible business;
  • Performance control of the laboratory department;
  • Teamwork skills and understanding that success of your business leads to overall success.
Requirements for the room
  • Densely populated areas, preferably in places with high traffic flows
  • Non-residential premises with a separate entrance and free access on the ground floor of the building
  • Total floor space of premises – at least 60 m2 (A rental agreement for at least 5 years / fully owned premises)
  • Ambient light (windows)
  • Voltage – 220 V
  • Available utilities
  • Internet connection with speeds of at least 1 Mbps.

Franchise advantages

What you get:

  • Your own business in commercial healthcare under a famous brand
  • A ready-made business model in the service industry with favorable financial terms
  • High technologies – a wide range of laboratory diagnostics from standard to unique highly specialized examinations
  • Support from a professional team assigned to each partner on a continuous basis
  • IT service for business – an integrated order registration system with remote financial control
  • Marketing activity – federal and local brand promotion
  • “Save on Health” – a special bonus program to attract patients and increase loyalty
  • Staff training – free full-time and part-time training on business fundamentals and medical standards

Support at every stage:

  • Mini MBA – training of potential and current partners on business fundamentals – proper workflow, special aspects of laboratory diagnostics in the health service market and medical standards
  • Multiple factor analysis of premises chosen by the partner
  • Online shop – turnkey equipment of rooms and medical supplies at factory prices
  • Laboratory tour – getting to know innovative and high technology diagnostic methods
  • Bringing together potential and current partners for sharing experiences
Franchise for Sale - Gemotest
Best Franchise to Open - Gemotest
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